If you're looking to jet off to a dream destination to get married, making sure you have adequate insurance for your wedding abroad that will give you the peace of mind that you won't lose out financially should something not go according to plan.

Here's how to compare overseas wedding insurance deals to make sure you've got the right level of international insurance for your big day.

How much cover do you need?

Establishing how much wedding insurance cover you need is the first step when undertaking your abroad wedding insurance comparison.

Although it can be especially tricky to calculate the costs of an international wedding, when you have to factor in travelling on top of standard wedding costs, you will need to work out the total cost of your wedding and ensure your insurance provides you with adequate cover.

Remember, when it comes to estimating the amount of cover you need it is best to have too much than find yourself out of pocket should you have to make a claim. Though you should still try to be realistic about how much you're likely to spend on your wedding preparations so that you don't end up paying for cover you simply don't need.

What's included?

When looking for overseas wedding insurance UK deals you need to check that all the major costs of organising your overseas wedding are covered by each policy you're considering.

This not only includes standard costs such as the venue hire, wedding clothing and rings but should also extend to flights and cover of goods in transit to your wedding destination from the UK.

Where do you need cover for?

When looking for wedding insurance abroad it's essential that you check that your wedding destination will be covered.

While this shouldn't be an issue if you plan to get married in a popular location, if you are going somewhere more exotic or off the beaten track you will need to carefully check that each policy covers your wedding location.

Compare quotes

Once you've established what you need from your international wedding insurance you should compare wedding insurance prices to find the cheapest policy that gives you the cover you need.

You can use our wedding insurance abroad comparison table to compare cheap insurance abroad quotes and find the best policy for your wedding.

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