If you are looking for a new second hand car you may be wary of a hidden car history or worry that the vehicle you buy quickly becomes false economy due to high repair costs.

Taking out cheap car warranty cover could give you peace of mind that you're financially protected should something go wrong.

Here's how to compare the best vehicle warranty companies and the various levels of card warranty cover they offer to find the best deal for your second hand vehicle.

What do you need from your cover?

Warranty insurance for cars comes in various forms with some policies being far more comprehensive than others.

Most standard warranty policies will cover damage to your engine and some other standard faults while an extended car warranty policy may also cover your car's suspension and brakes too.

Generally the more comprehensive the cover, the more expensive the policy but this isn't always the case so it's important to decide what you want your warranty insurance to cover and then look for the cheapest insurance that meets your needs.

It's a good idea to research common faults that arise with your make and model of car before you start comparing your options as this will give you an indication of the type of cover you're most likely to need.

You should also consider if you want your warranty to cover standard wear and tear, as this may come at an additional cost. There are likely to be numerous terms and conditions that relate to wear and tear claims so you'll also need to check the terms and conditions of any policy you're considering to ensure that it does provide the cover you need.

For more help deciding the level of warranty cover you need read our guide: How to Choose the Best Warranty.

Check your vehicle qualifies

The best car warranty companies still won't extend their cover to your vehicle if it doesn't fit with their policy terms and conditions. Both expensive and cheap car warranty cover providers will place limits on both the maximum age and maximum mileage of the cars they'll cover.

Generally car warranty cover is available for cars with a maximum mileage of anywhere up to 150,000 miles and an age of up of 12 years.

However many policies have a much more stringent cover criteria so you need to check whether your car qualifies for each policy you look at and exclude those it doesn't from your comparison.

Set an excess

As a car warranty is a type of insurance there will usually be an excess to pay should you need to make a claim.

However, how much you will have to pay can vary substantially from policy to policy so you need to ensure you are happy with the minimum excess on your policy before you sign up.

Remember, the lower you set your excess the more expensive your warranty is likely to be, yet there is no point in opting for cheap car warranty cover to save money if you can't afford to pay the excess should you need to claim.

Compare warranty quotes

Once you've decided what specific features you'd like your car warranty to cover and excluded providers that don't give you the cover you need, you should look for the cheapest suitable cover for your vehicle.

Don't just look for the lowest car warranty cost, but also make sure that you check that you'd be able to get repairs carried out at a local garage, that the amount the warranty provider pays for parts and labour is sufficient and that there are no awkward terms and conditions that could prevent you from claiming when you need to.

You can do a standard and extended car warranty comparison using our car warranty comparison table to find the best car warranty for you for the lowest price.

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