Equipping yourself or your staff with the best prepaid cards for business can offer a number of benefits, depending on the card you use. At the very least, running a prepaid business account lets you budget accurately as employees can only spend what you load on the card.

Many providers also run promotions and associated reward schemes tied to your spending, so the right card can offer more than just an efficient way to manage corporate and employee expenses.

You can use our business prepaid card comparison to match your company's spending patterns to the card that gives you the best combination of rewards, fees and flexibility.

When you're comparing your options you'll need to consider:

Prepaid business card fees

In return for the flexibility and easy money-management facilities they offer business prepaid cards do come at a cost so it's important to go for the option that gives you the facilities you need while charging you the least in fees.

The exact charges applied will vary depending on which company offers the business prepaid Visa cards or the business prepaid MasterCard you're considering. However, the fees applied can generally be split into 3 areas: account fees, transaction fees and load charges.

Account fees

When you're working out the basic cost of each card you'll need to factor in the purchase price and any monthly charge applied. Then, compare their transaction fees and load charges to get the full picture.

Transaction fees

Most prepay cards for business will apply charges when you make ATM cash withdrawals and purchases. These can build up with regular use so it's important to choose a card that won't cost you the earth. The easiest way to do this is to compare providers to find which cards offer free services, charge flat rate fees or a percentage fee and work out which is going to cost you less.

Load fees

Finally, consider the load charges attached to each card. Load options include debit card, Post Office, PayPoint and ePay and while some may be free, others will apply sizeable charges.

Prepaid business cards for travelling

If you need a card for travelling, a business prepaid currency card might be worthwhile. The best business prepaid currency cards can combine cheap foreign currency withdrawals with fixed exchange rates; rewards to look out for might include hotel discounts or transport offers.

Prepaid business card rewards

Matching your company's spending to the rewards offered with prepaid business cards can offer real benefits. So, think about how you intend to use your corporate card and look for a suitable match.

If you need to entertain clients on a regular basis, a card with good restaurant promotions might be your best bet. On the other hand if you want to offer a business expense prepaid card as a perk for staff, low management fees and shopping offers/promotions.

Some providers offer a parallel business prepaid bank account and this can be a good option if you're struggling to find a standard account that suits or have poor credit.

Generally, the top prepaid business credit card for your business will offer the best rewards and features compared to its overall cost. If you compare your spending patterns to each card's charges, you can prioritise finding the cheapest prepaid business card or the card with the best benefits for your business.

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