Whether it's granny and granddad sending blank texts, mum and dad checking up on their children's whereabouts or the younger generation having their mobile surgically attached to their palm, there's no denying that life would be different if technology hadn't advanced.

And with phones morphing into photo albums, multi media centres, music players and sat navs, having to manage without them might just sound like hell on Earth.

If your household has multiple handsets, you might find that instead of covering them individually, taking out family mobile phone insurance might work out much cheaper.

Count the savings with multi phone insurance

Every insurance policy has hidden administration charges which need to be covered and these form a substantial part of any premium you are quoted.

Adding multiple phones onto one policy means that you will only have to pay one set of admin charges which should make the cover automatically cheaper!

Insurance for multiple mobile phones works in the same way as a normal policy; the same types of risk are covered, such as theft, unauthorised calls, accidental damage and sometimes even worldwide cover too.

Having multi mobile phone insurance just means the whole family can enjoy the protection of one policy without the hassle of having to plough through the application several times over.

To find out how much a multiple mobile insurance policy is likely to cost, check out our multi mobile phone comparison to see what deals are out there.

It makes finding cheap insurance for multiple mobiles much easier because you can identify, compare and apply for policies in one place, rather than spending hours going over the fine print on individual websites!

What to check when you compare multiple mobile phone insurance

If you are thinking about getting insurance for multiple mobile phones, you need to consider all of the different handsets the family members hold.

For example, iPhones are sometimes excluded from certain benefits or have a different excess because of their comparatively higher cost. On the flip side, friends or family who have a mobile dating back to prehistoric times might find they can't get the same level of cover because of the age of their handset.

You might want to check whether the multiple handset mobile insurance premium will need to be paid in full before you can make a claim. Some insurers who allow monthly instalments insist that the year's premium is paid first before settling a claim.

A multiple mobile phone insurance comparison should provide you with the answers you need as you'll be able to compare the key features of policies rather than just the price.

Remember to check the small print with the insurer you choose before you apply so you're confident that you're getting the best cover.

Finally, even if you don't have a family stuffed full of mobile phone handsets, you might still benefit from a multi handset insurance policy.

Many people - particularly those who are self employed - keep two mobiles, one for work and one for personal use. It might be worth considering mobile phone insurance for two phones on one policy, protecting your needs without overloading you with paperwork.

Find out more by looking at our guide How to Find the Best Mobile Phone Insurance.