If you are worried about the cost of buying a new iPhone should your current one get lost, stolen or damaged, getting cheap but comprehensive Apple iPhone insurance cover is a good way to protect your finances should the worst happen.

Here's how to find the best iPhone insurance policies and get comprehensive cover for the cheapest possible price.

Check your existing insurance policies

Before you start looking for insurance protection for your iPhone it makes sense to check whether yours is already covered by one of your existing financial products, such as your home insurance or current account.

While many home insurance policies and pay-monthly packaged current accounts will include some level of mobile phone insurance, these types of policies will often specifically exclude insurance for iPhones.

Equally, if you do find you are covered under an existing policy you will need to check it provides adequate cover. You may find the cover is subject to strict limitations and has a higher excess than dedicated iPhone insurance policies.

Specifically check the level of excess you'd need to pay if you made a claim, as well as the incidents that you'd be able to make a claim for - is accidental damage, loss, mechanical fault and theft covered?

What level of cover do you need?

The best way to guarantee that your iPhone is adequately protected is to opt for a dedicated iPhone insurance policy. However even among iPhone insurance providers the level of cover varies widely from policy to policy.

As a result you need to consider exactly what protection you need from your Apple iPhone insurance cover before you start looking for the cheapest insurance UK provider on the market.

Most standard insurance deals will cover you against theft and accidental damage, however if you also want protection from the breakdown of your iPhone or a replacement if you were to lose it you may need to choose a more comprehensive policy.

You should also check the areas that are excluded from cover, for example some providers may not include liquid damage or the cost of unauthorised calls if your iPhone is stolen and then used without your permission.

Going for cheap insurance for iPhone without checking the details is a mistake so decide exactly what you need from your insurance policy and exclude the options that don't meet your needs. You'll get peace of mind and the protection of a policy that's worth paying for.

Set an excess

As with the vast majority of insurance policies, most iPhone insurance deals will include a standard excess that you would be expected to pay should you need to make a claim.

Setting the excess at a level you can afford to pay should you need to make a claim is essential, while avoiding the cheapest excess can also keep the cost of your policy down.

Decide on an excess amount you are happy to pay and exclude the gadget iPhone insurance policies that don't offer what you are looking for before you start getting quotes for your phone.

Compare quotes

Once you have established exactly what you are looking for from your cover, you can start to compare insurance quotes and look for the cheapest price.

Our iPhone insurance comparison table lists the top dedicated insurance providers so you can easily compare the different levels of cover on offer in the UK and visit each provider to get a quote to cover your iPhone.