What is life insurance?

If you want financial security for your family even beyond your lifetime, life insurance can give you peace of mind.

You can take out a policy that will pay a lump sum to your family whenever you die, helping them cope with losing your income and with any costs they face.

Alternatively, you can get policies that run for a limited period and only pay out if you die during that term.

These policies are generally cheaper and are often used to pay off a loan or mortgage if you die before its balance is cleared. Level term policies will pay a set amount if you die at any point during the policy's term. Decreasing term policies pay an amount that goes down over the course of the term.

To find out more about the different types and terms of life insurance, read our Guide, How to Compare Life Insurance Quotes.

Do you need Armed Forces life cover?

The Armed Forces provide "death in service" cover that will pay a lump sum to your family if you die serving your country.

You'll need to find out exactly what benefits your family could get - you can find out on the MoneyForce website, which gives money advice specifically aimed at Armed Forces personnel.

Make sure the amount they'd get is enough for your family to live on; if not, you may need to consider a separate life insurance policy.

Another reason you might need life insurance is that you could lose the death in service benefits if you stop working for the Armed Forces.

As your career might make an insurance policy more expensive, you may be able to get a refund of the higher premiums you'll pay. You can claim under the Service Risks Insurance Premium Refunds scheme. Further information is available on the MoneyForce website.

How much military life insurance do you need?

To decide how much cover you need, think about how much your family will need to live off if they are without your income. Deduct the total benefits they'd received - this will leave you with the amount of cover required.

Compare service life insurance

As some companies won't insure those serving their country, our comparison lists only policies that won't exclude military personnel.

As the premiums can still be higher, make sure you find the best deal by comparing all of your options and narrowing those down to only those that offer the level of cover you need.

You can then compare the cost of each suitable service life insurance scheme and choose the cheapest one.

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