It's not the cheeriest of subjects to mull over, but it's arguably one of the most important. If you have a partner or children, you need to ask yourself how they would manage if the worst came to the worst.

Of course, if you are the main breadwinner in the household then this becomes an even more pertinent issue.

Think about the cost of paying for food, a mortgage, travel and bills - and whether this could be done as easily were you or your partner not there - and life insurance for the whole family seems like a necessity.

Thankfully there's no shortage of companies out there willing to offer you a quote.

Here's how to find the best and most affordable family life insurance cover that meets your needs.

Finding life insurance to protect your family

There are 3 main types of family life assurance policies each suitable for different circumstances, the types of cover are:

  • Decreasing term life insurance

  • Level term life insurance

  • Whole of life insurance

For example, if you have a mortgage, would your family be able to pay off the remaining debt without your income?

If the answer is no, considering a decreasing term life assurance policy could be a good idea.

This type of policy is essentially used to guarantee that your partner will be able to pay off the remaining debt associated with a mortgage or loan, and are typically linked to a financial product.

If you die, your provider will pay out a lump sum to repay outstanding debt. These are generally the cheapest option as they last for a set period of time and not your whole life, meaning there's less risk for insurers.

Alternatively you could choose level term life insurance where the amount paid out by the insurer is set at an agreed level depending on your circumstances for a set period - this is often used to provide a financial safety net for children until they reach adulthood.

If you're after something which is more long-term, perhaps you should consider a whole life policy.

This type of insurance will last for as long as you pay into it and not necessarily tied to financial products.

As there is greater risk to providers these policies tend to cost more, but if your loved ones are financially dependent on you then it is something worth considering.

Unlike decreasing or level term life assurance policies, these won't decrease in value or expire.

Things to consider when you compare family life insurance

When looking at family life insurance quotes online you will find that certain things vary from provider to provider.

Our insurer chart shows that when comparing family life insurance UK quotes, you need to take into account the key differences between them.

Some family and children life insurance deals can only be taken out once you are past a certain age.

On the other hand, some will not insure you once you have reached a certain age, while similarly some companies will offer unlimited policy expiry.

When considering what the best family life insurance plans for you are, take into account how much companies are willing to pay out. This can range from thousands to an unlimited amount.

So consider how much your family will need if you do pass away - and how much you are contributing to family life at the moment - before you decide which provider can best match your requirements.

Of course, circumstances can change, so when sifting through cheap life insurance for family quotes, think about how flexible your provider is willing to be should your situation alter in the future.

Finally if you are sorting through the best life insurance for young families, take into account how long you actually want the cover to last, as some policies will only offer cover for a certain term, while others will be unlimited.

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