What's the cheapest way to borrow money?

There are hundreds of reasons why you might need to borrow, but unless you're on the ball you could end up pouring your money away on beefy interest rates and bank charges. Here are the best ways to borrow whatever you need the money for.

Updated on 19 May 2015.

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Providing you do it smartly, borrowing money can make achieving your goals financially possible.

However, fail to do your homework and it could end up being more of burden than you bargained for.

So no matter why you need the money or what your financial circumstances are, it makes sense to get the cheapest deal possible.

After all, paying interest on your borrowing is essentially a waste of your hard earned cash, which is why it makes sense to research your options and make an informed decision about the best option available to you.

When comparing your options it's a good idea to look at the total you'll have to pay out once interest and charges are factored into the equation.

It'll then be easier to see which means of borrowing will cost you less overall, and whether what you're spending your money on is really worth the cost.

If the total you'll need to pay out is just too much, perhaps look for a cheaper alternative or start saving so you can pay in cash and cut the cost.

Here are the most common reasons for needing to borrow money and the cheapest ways to go about doing it so you don't end up paying through the nose.


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