The Visa symbol which appears on Visa credit cards does not signify a credit card provider but a payment system that makes sure that credit and debit card transactions are completed and registered in the appropriate accounts whenever and wherever in the world they take place.

Visa rely on banks to issue their customers with credit cards that use this means of payment. Consequently, it is these financial institutions and not Visa that set the features and interest rates associated with each UK Visa credit card.

As such it's possible to find Visa credit card offers that suit your requirements and give you a good deal irrespective of whether you're looking to make a Visa credit card balance transfer, want Visa cards for bad credit, or are looking for a card that gives you interest free purchase or even cashback.

You can use our Visa credit card comparison to compare all the different cards available in the UK and our Advanced Search to narrow down your options to just those that meet your requirements.

Visa credit cards are accepted in shops, hotels, restaurants and other retail establishments the world over and so provide a viable alternative to carrying large amounts of cash when you travel.

Additionally, their continuing aim is to increase the speed of Visa credit card transactions, improve credit card security and reduce credit card fraud worldwide, this can be demonstrated by the recent introduction of chip and pin technology and the Verified by Visa online security system.

That said, other payment providers, like Mastercard and Amex, have implemented similar security measures and also offer credit cards that are widely accepted around the globe.

As such when you're researching your options you should compare the best Visa credit card deals available with the options on offer elsewhere so you're able to pick the best credit card Visa for your circumstances.