Some comparison sites - known as aggregators - allow you to enter your details to get quotes from numerous insurers in one go. But some companies opt out of being included on these sites...

Why are some insurers not on comparison sites?

Some insurers prefer not to advertise their wares through "one-click" comparison sites; some even pride themselves on this enough to boast about it in their adverts.

They argue that not paying commission to third parties makes their policies cheaper; others suggest that they can keep a direct relationship with the customer.

Others don't want to be undercut on price and have their quotes shown up against cheaper rivals.

Either way, if you're looking for car insurance, you'll want to keep your costs as low as possible, so looking at the entire market and getting as many quotes as possible is a must. This means it's worth checking out all the providers you can, including car insurance companies not on comparison sites.

What to look for

It's more important to consider what the policy provides ahead of just looking for rock bottom prices that might not give the cover you need.

How much is the excess?

The excess is the amount you will have to pay yourself if you claim - for example, with an excess of 200, if you claimed on your policy for repairs that cost 1,000, your insurance company would pay 800 and you'd pay 200. You might be able to find quotes with lower premiums that come with a higher excess, but make sure you don't end up with an excess you can't afford if you do need to claim.

What is the total amount the policy covers?

Each policy will also state a maximum amount you will be insured for. Make sure it's enough to replace your car if it's written off, but not so high that you pay for cover you don't need.

What will affect the cost of car insurance not on comparison sites?

Keeping your car safe

Security devices such as alarms, trackers and immobilisers can make your policy cheaper, as can making sure you park your car in a safe location, such as a garage or driveway.

Paying upfront

Paying the annual premium in full will usually mean a lower cost overall than if you pay monthly.

Your driving style

You have to let your insurance company know about any previous claims, penalty points or driving convictions, so sensible driving is rewarded with lower premiums. If you haven't claimed for a while, check out the policies that offer a no claims discount.

Extra features

Legal protection, breakdown cover and a courtesy car can all be added to the policy. This might be less costly than arranging them separately, but it's important to weigh up what you really need, to make sure you don't go for unnecessary extras.

How far you intend to drive

Your insurance company will need to know approximately how far you'll drive in a year - try to work out how far this will be; if you overestimate, you could end up paying more than you have to. On the other hand, don't underestimate either - this could lead to you needing to pay a penalty fee.

The vehicle you drive

Vehicles are put into insurance groups from one to fifty, depending on factors including their power, price and safety. Cars in the lower groups cost less to insure than those in higher groups.

How to compare cheap insurers not on comparison sites

To get quotes from the best insurance companies not on compare sites, you'll need to go to the insurer directly, whether that's by phone or on the internet. Our comparison shows which car insurance companies are not on comparison sites and highlights their policy features and benefits. Since it's important to find the right deal rather than just the cheapest quote, you can see if these suit you before approaching them for a quote.

If you don't find what you're looking for, check our Guide on How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance and try our comparison tables for a greater choice of insurers.