A washing machine is an almost irreplaceable appliance. Almost always on the go in many households, it gets your clothes, bedding and towels clean without spending hours washing it by hand. And of course, the high temperatures mean bacteria are blitzed and stains come out without a fight; not something you can easily replicate even if you spend hours in front of the sink scrubbing away.

Hardly surprising therefore that washing machines aren't cheap and if you have an integrated tumble dryer, you can expect to pay even more. However, washing machine breakdown insurance can help cover the cost if things go wrong.

We take a look at how to compare washing machine insurance quotes and how to work out what you get for your money.

Washing machine insurance...is it worth it?

If you have lots of appliances and electronic devices in your household, you could find that the cost of insuring everything becomes a major expense in itself. However, if you are selective about what you opt to cover, you can strike the right balance between cost and care.

Everyone has different priorities and you may well prize some particular devices or appliances differently than others but most people will agree that the washing machine is a household essential.

However, before you simply pick the cheapest quote, you will need to make sure you are getting the best washing machine cover that's available, and that's not as simple as it looks. When it comes to cover for a washing machine insurance company terms and conditions can vary very significantly so it's worth checking exactly what you will get for your money.

Check that electrical, mechanical and accidental damage is covered; some providers don't cover accidents whilst others may exclude mechanical faults. It can also be a good idea to see what their response times are for washing machine insurance claims and how many engineers they have. This is particularly relevant if you live in a more rural area.

Washer and tumble dryer insurance: what won't be covered

Although every company offering washing machine repair insurance has different levels of cover, you can expect to see similar exclusions and restrictions for many companies.

Pre-existing faults will not typically be covered, although your insurer can usually arrange a repair - at your expense - if you need some help finding an approved engineer.

Cosmetic repairs or routine maintenance are not usually part of any washer dryer insurance cover. Peripheral and replaceable parts such as fuses or batteries would normally not be included either.

You might also find that an excess applies to any claim you make. If you compare washer dryer insurance you will be able to see immediately how much this will be and how long it applies for. Think about whether it's likely to put you off claiming, if it's prohibitively high there's no point taking out a policy.

How to find the cheapest washing machine insurance quote

Some companies offer discounts for online applications as well as a reduction if you pay for your premium annually. You might also want to consider combining more than one appliance rather than taking out separate policies.

For example, dishwasher insurance cover and washing machine insurance may be unaffordable if you take it out separately but by combining the two - or more - onto one policy you could slice a huge chunk off your premium.

A washing machine insurance comparison will help you to identify the companies not only offer the cheapest prices, but how to ensure you get the best cover from your washing machine warranty too.

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