One of the longest lasting pieces of kitchen equipment, a good cooker will keep going for many years, a constant presence in the corner seeing décor trends come and go.
However, we rely on our cookers so much, what happens if something goes wrong? It's almost unthinkable! The good news is that it's usually possible to repair a cooker which is why cooker breakdown insurance is quite so useful.
We take a look at the different aspects of a cooker warranty and to make sure you get the best deal.

Where to find cooker insurance companies

Wherever you buy your appliance, the chances are that you will be asked whether you want to take out oven insurance cover to protect your purchase.
But although you may want to insure your cooker extended warranty cover can usually be found cheaper elsewhere. Whether you are looking for electrical insurance for cookers or the more conventional Belling cooker insurance, there are plenty of companies offering standalone cover.
This means that you have the time to compare cooker insurance quotes to find the best cover for the cheapest price. And whilst you may want to get onto this straight away, don't worry about not being covered for the first few days. Most brand new cookers come with manufacturer's warranties which are valid for 12 months (check to see what's included when you buy) buying you some time.

When to take out insurance cover for oven and hob cookers

Although you may prefer to find your gas or electric cooker insurance immediately, if you are a little bit further down the line, you could still find cover for your appliance.
For large, expensive models such as the rangemaster cooker insurance is almost an essential in order to protect your investment. However, as mentioned above, you should receive a manufacturer's warranty when you buy the appliance which will cover you for a while.
In fact, whether you have a hob or oven, Belling or Rayburn cooker insurance companies will normally be prepared to consider providing cover for appliances which are up to a few years old. So even if you hadn't previously thought about electrical or gas cooker insurance cover, you could still find a company will to provide protection.
If you carry out a cooker insurance cover comparison, you will be able to see the upper age limit on covering your appliances as well as the other main features of the policy.

Does contents insurance cover cooker breakdown?

You may well be wondering whether it is worth taking out gas cooker insurance cover if you already have comprehensive contents insurance.
But although contents insurance should cover you for any loss or physical damage to your cooker, it will not normally pay out any claims due to either electrical or mechanical failure.
Therefore, even if you have the most inclusive contents insurance, you should still consider cooker insurance in order to make sure you are covered no matter what happens.

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