Whether you are taking a family holiday in the USA, backpacking around the world as a student, or looking for cheap long stay travel insurance in the Far East, you will need to purchase worldwide travel insurance.

Nobody wants unexpected things to happen when they travel, but unfortunately there is no such thing as totally risk free international travel. Last year there were more than 400,000 insurance claims by UK holidaymakers and business travellers, according to the Association of British Insurers.

Travel insurance should not be an optional extra, rather an integral part of any holiday. Even the cheapest insurance policies cover the obvious problems, such as a stolen wallet or purse, an accident or an illness. They also provide compensation for delays and cancellation, for damaged or lost luggage, and even a telephone help line for emergencies.

If you travel the word regularly, say more than once a year, you should consider annual worldwide travel insurance, which will cover you for multiple worldwide trips in a year.

Many UK insurance companies provide an online quote for single trip or annual multi trip worldwide cover as one of their insurance options for either the individual, couples or family. When you request a quote look for extras you may need when undertaking worldwide travel.

When undertaking worldwide travel it is worth remembering that you must obtain a police report in the event of any loss or theft. Original documents are required in order to settle a claim, so remember to photocopy them before you send them to the claim adjustors.

So, if you're looking for the best international travel insurance available, or simply want the cheapest international travel insurance policy you can find, it's important you do a thorough search and get several quotes. Our worldwide travel insurance comparison is a great place to start looking!

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