If you are one of the thousands of people in the UK with an ongoing medical condition and want to travel overseas, finding travel insurance with pre existing medical conditions included in your cover can be a frustrating process.

When you approach a travel insurance provider with a pre existing medical condition you are likely to have to complete a thorough medical history check, listing all of your conditions, how long you have had them and their severity.

While it can be tempting to withhold existing medical conditions form travel insurers to get a cheaper quote, doing so could leave you with a hefty bill should the worse happen.

Even if you are now fully recovered from an illness or serious medical condition you should still inform the insurer this is the case before accepting an insurance policy.

If an insurer finds that you have an existing medical condition that you failed to declare when you take out their cover they can, if they choose, refuse to pay out if you need to make a claim.

This means even if it may push your costs up initially, declaring your medical history in full when looking for cover is vital to finding a policy that will pay out when you need it to.

Getting the best cover

More and more insures are now offering dedicated travel insurance for pre existing medical conditions policies, meaning you can get the cover you need at an affordable price.

While your primary concern may be whether an insurer will cover your existing condition overseas you should also factor in other travel insurance features when making your final decision.

This should include factor like the level of baggage cover included in you cover, where in the world you would be covered and the maximum trip duration.

Compare quotes

Most travel insurance existing medical conditions deals may vary their terms and the level of cover they offer, depending on the severity of your medical condition.

So it makes sense to compare quotes from several different travel insurance providers based upon your individual circumstances to find the cover you need at the lowest possible price.

You can compare pre existing medical condition travel insurance deals and get quotes directly from the top insurance providers using our dedicated travel insurance with medical condition comparison table.