However, whether you are taking your children on a trip overseas or they are off on a school holiday, it's important that you make sure there is holiday insurance for under 18s in place before they set off.

With these five top tips, we take a look at how to find travel insurance for under 18s travelling alone as well as the best teenage travel insurance in the market.

1) Check your current travel cover

Before you start to compare travel insurance for under 18 policies, it's a good idea to first double check the cover you have already got in place.

Many providers automatically throw in free child travel insurance and this can save you from having to take out another policy.

In rare cases, this protection may extend to if your child is travelling alone but it is usually restricted to cover for when at least one other adult named on the plan is accompanying them.

2) Settle on the cover you need

You may well plan on doing nothing more than dozing by the pool when you go on holiday but your teenager might have other ideas!

There's usually plenty of sports and activities to enjoy whilst you are on holiday, even if you've never done it before and youngsters are often keen to get stuck into daredevil activities wherever possible!

Therefore, even if you find cheap under 18 holiday insurance you will need to ensure that it covers the kind of pursuits your active teenager might be likely to participate in whilst on holiday.

3) Check the fine print

If your youngster is heading off without you, perhaps on a school trip or with friends, you will probably have to take out single trip travel insurance for under 18s unless you are fortunate enough to have a family policy which extends the cover to unsupervised trips.

However, make sure you take a look at the fine print as some insurers don't cover every eventuality.

Perhaps your teenager is taking a flight and being met by a relative at the other end. Not all companies insure under 18s if they are travelling on their own.

4) Look for under 18 travel cover deals

Even the best holiday insurance for a teenager can make a bargain trip feel that little bit more expensive.

Although it can be tempting, never skip on insurance as youngsters can be accident prone and are more easily distracted than an adult. And if they lose their baggage or end up getting hurt, you could end up with a bill that costs thousands of pounds.

The good news is that comparing deals online has never been easier or quicker; no more ringing around companies to get a quote!

To find cheap under 18 travel insurance comparison tables are often the easiest solution as they provide a summary of the cover you will get, all in one place.

5) Check the travel limits

Just like insurance for adults, travel insurance for under 18s comes with restrictions and limitations.

Whether you need travel insurance for under 18 travelling with another family or whether your teenager is heading off on a school trip, making sure you have the right cover in place is vital.

As a general rule, you should have between 5-10million in medical expenses and lost luggage insurance for at least 5000. Some companies also impose a minimum age and won't insure anyone aged under 16.

It's also worth making life as easy as possible, so if your teenager is heading off to Europe, don't forget to get them an EHIC.

A European Health Insurance Card - EHIC - entitles them to the same treatment as nationals of the country they are visiting whilst they remain in the EU. European travel insurance for under 18 year olds is still a necessity as an EHIC doesn't cover all medical costs and won't include protection against lost baggage or passports. However it can cut through red tape and bureaucracy if the worst does ultimately occur.