Unfortunately, travel insurance for the over 60s isn't cheap, even if you are in great shape.

The good news is that there are some measures you can take to make sure you not only get the best holiday insurance for over 60s but that you also get a great price.

Here are five steps to help you find comprehensive but cheap travel insurance for over 60s.

1) Look specifically for elderly travel insurance

Over 60 holiday insurance is more expensive by comparison because on average, an older person is more likely to claim than some-one younger. This can make providers more cautious about giving cover to more mature holidaymakers and usually results in an inflated premium.

This isn't necessarily the case with companies who specialise in providing travel insurance foran over 60 age group. You are far more likely to get treated as an individual and charged a premium which more accurately reflects the risk.

2) Take a longer term approach

If you are lucky enough to travel regularly, you will no doubt get fed up of arranging cover for each trip. An alternative is to take out an annual 60 plus insurance policy.

This type of insurance isn't just designed to cover long stays overseas but also holidaymakers who like to frequently go on trips abroad. The particularly helpful element of this type of policy is that the cover remains in place all year long so as soon as you book your next holiday, you're covered!

There is a maximum number of days the cover will extend to but it's usually very generous and will easily cover multiple holidays per year.

3) Make sure you know what's covered

Most people generally expect their travel insurance to cover them for lost bags and belongings as well as paying for medical expenses if they need treatment whilst overseas.

However, the level of cover can vary quite significantly between different providers so it's worth taking a look at the fine print.

For example, are lost passports, wallets and money insured? What if your flights are cancelled by the airline? The volcanic ash problems just a few years ago caused widespread panic and left many people stranded yet not all insurers included cover for it as standard.

When you compare over 60 travel insurance quotes, make sure you understand exactly what protection you will get in return for your payment.

4) Be honest about your medical history

If you have a history of pre existing conditions, carrying out an over 60s travel insurance comparison can be made much more difficult.

However it is absolutely vital that you are scrupulously honest; if you are looking for holiday insurance medical conditions do not immediately mean you won't be accepted.

It is possible to find travel insurance over 60 with medical conditions covered but each insurer will take a different approach. Some companies have a blanket exclusion for pre existing conditions but this could mean that you don't have comprehensive cover when you travel. Other insurers are willing to offer protection against conditions you have previously received treatment for, but you may need to pay slightly more for the peace of mind.

However, if you aren't honest about your medical history, you could end up having your claim refused, leaving you without insurance just when you need it the most.

5) Shop around for the best cover

Many travel agents will offer to include insurance when you book your holiday and it can be tempting to simply save hassle and get it all done at once.

However, the chances are you won't get either the cheapest premium or the most comprehensive cover by accepting their offer.

Taking the time to compare travel insurance policies can really pay dividends and thankfully it has never been easier to compare over 60s travel insurance as many providers allow you to get a quote online.

Plus going online is often the cheapest way to take out a new policy, with many providers offering a discount for cover booked over the internet.

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