This can be particularly true if you are over a certain age as many insurers have maximum age limits on their policies making over 80s travel insurance hard to come by because some companies just don't offer it.

However, many companies do offer travel insurance for the over 80s which means you can head off on holiday with peace of mind and knowing that you're fully covered.

Where to find cheap travel insurance over 80 cover

There are lots of ways to find the right insurance at the right price. However, taking out travel insurance with the travel company you book your holiday with is something you should generally avoid.

This is not only likely to be one of the most expensive ways to get cover, but also one of the riskiest as 'off the shelf' policies of this nature may not provide the cover you need to protect you when you're away.

Instead it's vital that you spend a little time to make an over 80 travel insurance comparison. This allows you to compare not only the price but also the basic features and benefits offered by each policy.

This way not only can you find the cheapest travel insurance but you can also ensure that your chosen policy covers all the appropriate risks.

What your holiday insurance over 80 should cover

As well as securing the best value insurance it's also wise to seek out good quality cover.

As with many things, with travel insurance you get what you pay for, so making sure you are covered for all potential eventualities should be as important as getting the best deal.

So, when you're shopping for cheap travel insurance over 80 cover, make sure you consider whether the policy covers:

  • Loss or theft of personal belongings - including cash and credit cards

  • Cancellation of trip - either due to your illness or the failure of your tour operator

  • Medical treatment - and always check how much medical treatment a policy will cover

  • Pre-existing medical conditions - subject to underwriting many insurers will now cover you for medical treatment whilst overseas even if it is for a pre-existing condition if you have notified them about it when you take the policy out, this could prove to be an invaluable asset to your travel insurance if you are over 80.

To find the right travel insurance for the over 80s for you, why not use our 'over 80 travel insurance comparison' table to compare both the costs and benefits offered by the leading policies?