The cost of travel cover can start to increase when you reach 60, but it is when you hit 65 that the price can really shoot up.

This is because travel insurers think you are more likely to have an accident or fall ill on holiday when you get older.

They charge you a higher premium to cover the increased risk of you making an expensive travel insurance claim, but there are ways to get a good deal.

Ways to cut the cost

  • Shop around: Use our comparison to find insurers that offer cover to pensioners and compare quotes because the cost of cover can vary between policies.

  • Get an annual policy: If you travel more than twice a year it could save you money. Here is how to choose between annual and single trip insurance.

  • Only get cover you need: Most insurers let you remove some cover options if you do not need them, like lost or stolen baggage protection, and reduce the price as a result.

Here are some more easy ways to find cheaper travel insurance.

Get the right cover for you

There are a few things you should think about to make sure your travel insurance gives you the protection you need, including:

  • Declaring your medical conditions, so that they are covered by your policy. Here is how to get cover for pre-existing medical problems.

  • What you want to do on your trip, because you may have to pay more to cover dangerous activities and sports, like skiing.

  • The length of your trip, because some insurers reduce the time you can go away for as you get older.

  • Your destination, because some countries are not covered by all policies.

Once you know exactly what cover you need for your trip you can use our comparison to find travel insurance for over 65s. Here is more on what travel insurance can cover.

Over 65s travel insurance FAQs


Can I get travel insurance when I am over 65?


Yes, but it might cost you more. Here is how to find travel insurance as you get older.


Why does travel insurance cost more when I am over 65?


The older you are the more likely you are to fall ill or have an accident when abroad, so insurers charge you more to cover the extra risk.


What is the maximum trip length I can get when I am over 65?


It depends, but most insurers will reduce the maximum length when you get older, for example from 60 days to 31 days when you are over 65.


Do I legally need to have travel insurance?


No, but you should never travel without it because medical treatment abroad can cost tens of thousands of pounds.


Can I get travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions?


Yes, but it can cost more and not all insurers will cover you. Here is how to find cover with pre-existing conditions.


Do I need travel insurance for UK holidays?


Not for medical cover as you will be covered by the NHS, but it can cover cancellation and lost or stolen possessions. You can find out more here.