What if your possessions were lost or stolen whilst you were abroad? And what if you were taken ill whilst in a foreign country and you needed hospital treatment?

Travel insurance for people over 65 provides specialist, wide-ranging cover for people heading on holiday.

And, it may well be cheaper than you expect.

Why would I need travel insurance for over 65 year olds?

Many travel insurance policies won't be suitable for you if you're over the age of 65.

Some have a maximum age limit while others won't provide the level of protection that older people may need. For example, lots of travel insurance policies won't cover any pre-existing medical conditions.

The best travel insurance for over 65s offers a high level of medical cover meaning that you don't need to worry about the costs of treatment should you be taken ill whilst you are abroad.

Furthermore, subject to underwriting and you notifying the insurer, many companies now offer travel insurance over 65 with medical conditions. This means that you can be sure that you will receive medical care abroad even if it's required due to an existing condition.

And, as well as covering you for medical treatment, over 65 travel insurance also covers a range of other risks including cancellation of your trip due to bereavement or illness, loss or theft of your personal possessions and cover for the financial failure of your holiday company.

Short-term or annual travel insurance for over 65?

There are two main types of travel insurance for over 65 year olds.

Single trip or short-term policies have a maximum duration of around a month and are designed to cover a single holiday making them ideal for shorter or one-off trips.

Annual travel insurance covers you for a full year and will protect you for multiple trips during the cover period. Check that your chosen policy covers the locations you want to visit if you're planning on heading to a range of destinations during the year.

However, there will be a maximum length specified for each individual trip you take in the year that you are covered. If you are over 65 and want travel insurance for over 31 days, make sure you check each policy will allow trips this long.

Where do I find cheap travel insurance for over 65 policies?

One of the most popular ways to research the costs and cover offered by the leading over 65 travel insurance policies is to head online. This is a much safer option than simply buying the standard policy you're offered by the company you book your holiday with.

Instead you need to carry out a travel insurance over 65 comparison & not only compare the cost of cover but also the benefits offered by each policy. This means that you can find great quality as well as cheap travel insurance.