If you are going on an extended holiday you will need to have the right travel insurance in place.

Not all insurers offer cover for trips longer than 31 days, but the above table shows companies that can offer cover for much longer.

Use the comparison to find and compare long stay travel insurance quotes.

How long can it cover you for?

Our table only shows policies that can cover you for at least 120 days, which could be ideal if you are:

  • Going abroad to visit friends or family for a few months

  • Travelling around several countries

  • Spending winter in a holiday home

If you are going travelling, or on a gap year, a specialist backpacker travel insurance policy might be better suited to your needs because it can offers benefits specific to you trip.

What is covered?

A long stay policy should include cover for:

  • Medical expenses

  • Cancellation of your trip

  • Lost or stolen baggage, money and personal belongings

You should look carefully at what level of cover you will need before you take out a policy.

Our table shows what cover each insurer offers for medical expenses and cancellation, and this guide outlines what levels you should be looking for.

Add extra cover if you need it

You can customise your cover to better fit your trip by adding extra options like:

You must also make sure you declare any medical conditions you have so they are covered too; if you do not you will be unable to claim.

Long stay travel insurance FAQs


How long can I go away for with long stay insurance?


It depends on your policy, but our table shows insurers that can cover you for at least 120 days.


Can I get long stay cover with annual insurance?


Yes, some annual policies offer single trips of over 120 each, but most will not. Our table includes long stay annual policies.


Will my destination be covered?


Most will be, but check your policy and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) because some countries may not be if they are deemed dangerous.


Will I be covered to visit several countries at once?


Yes, you will be covered to visit any country covered by your policy during your trip. You will need to choose what area of the world you will be visiting.


Is there a maximum or minimum age for long stay insurance?


Yes, but the maximum age can range from 35 to over 90, and the minimum is often 18 years old, but some offer cover to those aged 16.


Can I get long stay insurance with pre-existing medical conditions?


Yes, but it can be more expensive and not all insurers will cover you. This guide explains how to find travel insurance with pre-existing conditions.


How can I get cheaper long stay travel insurance?


The best way to get the cheapest deal is to shop around for quotes using the table above. You can also try these 8 ways to cut your travel insurance costs.