Ensuring that both you and your belongings are protected by cruise insurance cover whilst you're away gives you peace of mind should the worst happen.

And, don't assume that a standard travel insurance policy will cover you. Many policies are designed to cover land based holidays and won't necessarily pay out if, for example, you have to be airlifted to shore for medical treatment. Only by getting dedicated cruise holiday insurance can you be sure that you'll be covered.

What to look for when buying cheap cruise insurance.

There are various key factors you should look out for when you're buying cruise holiday insurance.

Firstly, it's vital to ensure that your policy is suitable for you and your trip. For example, does the policy have an age limit? Some cruise insurance cover will have a maximum age limit and so if you're above a certain age you may have to seek out a dedicated cruise insurance for over 65 year olds policy.

Also, does the policy cover the duration of your trip - particularly if it is a long cruise - and does it cover your chosen destinations? If you're heading further afield you may need a policy that covers worldwide rather than just European travel.

Additionally, you should check whether a cheap cruise insurance policy will cover you if you're taken ill with a pre-existing medical condition. If you suffer from a permanent or recurring illness, you must tell your insurer. Some companies will be happy to provide cruise insurance with medical conditions although may require a letter from your doctor saying that you're fit to travel.

Cruise holiday insurance: Cost v quality

Whilst saving money and finding cheap cruise insurance may be your priority, it is also important that you check the quality of the cover that you are buying.

Saving a few pounds on your premium could be false economy if your policy fails to pay out when you need it.

Establish exactly what your policy covers you for. Does it cover medical treatment and the costs of being taken to hospital from the cruise ship? Does it cover loss and theft of your personal belongings? And, does it cover cancellation of your trip due to illness or the failure of your tour operator?

Buying cruise holiday insurance

Many people are using the internet to research and buy cruise holiday insurance.

By undertaking a cruise travel insurance comparison using our website, you can compare both the cost and the cover of insurance offered by a wide range of providers so you find the best travel insurance that is currently offered.