As a destination, it is no more dangerous than any other country, but the distance of Australia from the UK tends to mean travellers stay longer.

Many consider a three-week stay the minimum amount of time you'd want to spend in Australia after travelling all that way, especially if the trip involves visiting relatives as well as a holiday.

While the nature of the activities on offer to those on holidays down under leads many visitors to take part in more adventure pursuits. As diving on the Great Barrier Reef, sky-diving, white-water rafting and, of course, surfing on Bondi Beach are all cheaper and more exciting than similar activities elsewhere.

So travel insurance to Australia presents unique circumstances that demand a level of cover beyond what you would usually consider for European trips.

Many insurers offer 'long stay' or backpackers insurance Australia cover for those looking to spend a bit more time exploring the other side of the globe.

These policies can provide comprehensive insurance for up to a year and may also cover multiple destinations, if you intend on stopping off in other countries during your trip.

As with any insurance, buying Australian travel insurance should be driven by your policy requirements first, then cost.

The last thing you want is to be on the other side of the world and find that your policy doesn't cover an injury suffered in an extreme sport because you went for the cheapest deal you could find. It's all about finding the right level of cover for you, at the best price.

Once you have found appropriate Australia cover, get quotes from a number of different providers to find the best deal.

For many people, a visit to Australia can be the trip of a lifetime, and by taking a bit of time over arranging the right policy, you can be sure of getting the cheapest travel insurance to Australia that provides the cover you need.

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