If you travel or take a holiday more than once in a year, you could save money if you take out annual multi trip travel insurance, rather than a separate policy every time you travel.

Here's how to find the best annual worldwide travel insurance policy so you covered on your travels for 12 months of the year.

Will annual cover be cheaper?

Before you start looking for the best annual multi trip travel insurance policy on the market you should ask yourself if an annual policy will be cheaper.

If you only travel overseas once or twice a year and within Europe a single travel insurance policy may be a cheaper choice, however, if you travel further afield and on a regular basis a cheap annual travel insurance policy is likely to be the best value.

Who needs cover?

It can cost less than 100 for you and all your family to be covered with one year travel insurance.

However compare policies carefully to see what the policy defines as 'family', conditions such as children's ages, differ from company to company, so if you have grown up children you want to be included in your policy you need to be extra careful.

What are the other benefits?

There are several other benefits to purchasing travel insurance annual cover in addition to any potential cost saving with many policies provide additional cover to that received when purchasing single trip insurance.

Typical added benefits include: Cover for holidays from 18 up to 90 days in duration, depending on your insurance company.

Holidays in the UK where at least two nights are spent in pre-booked holiday accommodation.

Cover for Winter sports holidays up to a total of 17 days during the period of insurance.

Finally, the advantage of a multi trip or annual travel insurance policy is that there is no need to worry about arranging cover for each journey you take and it is usually better value than buying individual policies for two or three trips a year - compare different cheap quotes to see.

Family or single annual cover?

Multi trip or annual travel insurance can be an even better deal for families.

Insurance for a couple will be cheaper than for two individual adults and cover for a family with children under 18 will usually be cheapest and is not usually much more expensive than cover for a couple.

However be aware of any restrictions on how the cover works. Some family travel policies only cover the family if everyone travels together.

The best policies will cover each adult travelling on his or her own, and even unaccompanied trips by the children.