When choosing your travel insurance ahead of a big trip you may be tempted to choose the most familiar provider or just look for cheap 90 day travel insurance - but have you got the right level of cover with your policy?

Here's how to check and make sure before you start your trip.

Do you need 90 day travel insurance?

Whether you choose to go backpacking across Europe, or fruit picking in Australia, or simply an extended visit to reunite with family members, the level of cover you have with your travel insurance needs to reflect this.

Standard cover generally entitles cover for a maximum of 30 days, which isn't always sufficient, so if you're travelling for longer you may need to look for specialist cover.

What do you need from your 90 day travel insurance policy?

Before you buy your travel insurance make a list of the key components that you need covered on your trip.

Consider these to assist you:

  • How long are you travelling for?

Standard policies may cover up to 30 days travel, anything that exceeds this will require specialist insurance such as 90 day annual travel insurance, designed for repetitive trips.

  • Where are you travelling?

Some policies will cover you for Europe only, while others offer worldwide cover if required. All travel insurance policies will still have a list of countries which it will not cover you in. These are typically areas where the Foreign Office advises you against travelling to. You can check these on the Foreign Office website.

  • What activities will you get involved with while travelling?

If you plan to pursue winter sports or any form of exercise whilst abroad it's important to check your policy document to see if cover is provided. You may have the chance to upgrade your policy as required, or you can use your upgraded price quote to compare with alternative travel insurance policies to match your needs.

  • How secure will your accommodation be whilst travelling?

Travel insurance policies will often stipulate in their terms that you will still need to maintain a level of security, especially when dealing with protecting personal belongings or money. If possible, the use of safes in hotel rooms can assist in enabling any loss whilst travelling.

  • Are you going away for a sporting competition?

If you plan to participate in any sporting competitions whilst abroad you will need to seek specialist travel insurance as this will be an exception to a standard travel insurance policy.

Attending a prolonged trip can be one of the most exciting adventurers you can have in life, so make sure you have the correct cover before you travel.

Have you already got 90 day travel insurance cover?

The first thing you must do is contact your travel insurance provider directly and ask if you already have cover for travel insurance for 90 days? The call-centre teams are experts on their insurance policies, or at least have access to someone who is, so don't be worried about challenging someone if you think they are unsure.

Extending the duration needed is often available with many providers, at an extra cost.

Are you ready to buy your personalised 90 day travel insurance policy?

Once you have decided on the level of cover you require for your trip you are ready to start shopping around and comparing prices to find the best price possible.

Also consider, is 90 days enough cover? If not then remember to look for policies that offer travel insurance for over 90 days.

Don't let "I feel like I am forgetting something" be the correct level of cover needed for you trip. Always adequately protect then enjoy yourself.