Transferring money from abroad to UK can appear daunting, but by selecting a service based on your needs you can still go about it quickly and easily without being ripped off.

To get the best deal, start by sorting providers from those that offer their service in your location abroad: if they don't operate in that area, you can quickly dismiss them from your overseas money transfer comparison. The alternative is opting for an online money transfer service instead.

Second, you should make sure that their service fits in with your time-frame, or if a fast track service is available (the industry standard for a money transfer to UK from abroad takes 3-7 working days.)

Finally, consider how your transfer will be managed. For example, if you won't have access to the internet while abroad, sending money from overseas back to the UK online won't work.

You should decide which method - either online, by phone or via a broker - fits your needs, and sort services accordingly.

How to get the cheapest money transfer to UK

Once you've found a selection of money transfers that meet your criteria, you can compare the prices of suitable money transfers to UK from abroad side by side to find the best rates and packages.

Providers' rates will be based on how much you want to send, where you want to send it from, and how quickly the money needs to arrive.

Most transfer services will combine all of their charges, combining any commission and sending and receiving fees into a single lump sum, and adding this to the money transfer you want to make.

However, providers often won't be able to advise you what exchange rates your transfer will be eligible for until they actually put through the transfer, so you need to take steps to ensure you get the best rate you can.

The best money transfer packages - those with discounted fees and the best exchange rates - are usually given to larger money transfers, e.g. upwards of 5,000.

Compare money transfers from abroad to the UK to see whether your transfer would be eligible for a provider's premium rates.

Additionally, if you decide to use a fast track service, you should check the extra fee that's added alongside the package price when you compare different services.

Using our UK money transfers comparison table you can compare international money transfer services to find which will provides the service you need for less and how much you'd need to transfer to be eligible for their top rates, so you can find the best way to send money from abroad to the UK, for less.