An online money transfer to Pakistan could provide the ideal solution if you want to send money to family, buy a house or make some other large purchase in the country.

However, the cost of transferring your money can vary considerably, so you still need to choose the best money transfer package with a top international money transfer service to make sure you don't pay through the nose. Here's how:

How are money transfers to Pakistan priced?

There are two costs to consider if you need to send money to Pakistan, the money transfer service's fees and the exchange rate.

Instead of listing their fees individually, providers add them together and apply them to the amount you want to transfer, to give you the overall package price of putting the transfer through.

This should make it easier to compare services and find a cheap money transfer to Pakistan from UK, but remember this figure usually doesn't take into account exchange rates.

With forex markets so difficult to predict, providers either don't know or can't include the exchange rate for the products they offer until you confirm the transfer. Therefore you should try to take steps to make sure that when you transfer money from UK to Pakistan, your funds will be eligible for the best rates, and that you choose the best deal overall.

How to compare money transfers to Pakistan

Many providers will only give you their best rates - as well as potentially lower fees - if you transfer a large amount of money (for example, 5,000 or more). Each will have their own 'minimum limit' to qualify for their premium rates, so always check to see which providers' thresholds are within your budget to make sure you benefit if you can.

You should also consider your timeframe. Providers that offer next day transfers will usually charge an additional fee for this service, so if you need to move your money quickly you'll need to take this fee into account when you compare money transfer to Pakistan costs.

Additionally, you will need to identify and choose a money transfer service that lets you transfer money from UK to Pakistan in a way that you're happy with - either online, by phone or via an agent.

If you consider these features for each of the services offering money transfers to Pakistan, and get quotes for the total cost of your transfer from several that offer suitable services you'll be able to compare each provider's offerings quickly and easily online and find the cheapest money transfer to Pakistan possible.