Whatever reason you have for wanting to send money to Bangladesh, it stands to reason that you'll want to find a good deal.

Put simply, the best way to make sure you get one is to avoid using banks to transfer money to Bangladesh.

This is because, by and large, banks can't offer you the best exchange rates compared to dedicated foreign exchange agencies.

Not only that, but they still impose hefty fees for Bangladesh money transfers - which you can easily avoid by looking elsewhere.

Get quotes from FX brokers

There was a time that your high-street bank was the only place you could turn to if you wanted to transfer money internationally.

Thankfully there are now so many foreign exchange companies out there now that they are practically tripping over each other to provide competitive deals.

This means that you can find authorised brokers that offer market-leading exchange rates, with minimal fees by simply carrying out a money transfer comparison.

By approaching these dedicated FX companies for quotes, you automatically stand a better chance of getting a good deal on sending money to Bangladesh than turning to your bank.

So, before you shift over any cash, make sure you compare money transfers to Bangladesh and get quotes from a number of companies to see what deals are available to you.
Online transfers offer better rates

When you send money to Bangladesh it's a good idea to do it online.

Online money transfers are incredibly convenient, rather than rushing to a bank branch, you can take your time and arrange the transfer whenever you like.

The speed of sending money online is also an enticing feature because it's possible to transfer money and have it appear in a foreign account during the same day - some companies claim the money can be transferred in mere minutes. If you want to know more, check out our guide How to transfer money abroad.

Exchange rates do make a difference

While rates do change in the long-term, from day to day it may seem like they don't shift very much.

However, it's important not to underestimate the effect that even slight changes can have. This is especially true if you're transferring thousands to or from Bangladesh.

Exchange rates will vary from one FX company to another, so make sure to check which is offering the best deal at the time you want to arrange at transfer.

Keeping an eye on how rates rise and fall can also stop you from missing out on an upward swing, which would effectively see you earn more money if you shift your cash at that time - although predicting how interest rates will change is notoriously difficult!

Avoid fees if you can

Most foreign exchange brokers have minimum transfer amounts for fee free transfers, if you transfer less than this, you will probably be hit by a fee which will eat into the money you want to transfer overseas.

If it's a one-off transfer, you may not be too bothered by a fee (which will still be less than what most banks charge!).

If you're going to be transferring money regularly though, you should try and cut out any fees if you can. If you make a transfer every month and pay 9 each time, that'll cost you 108 a year - a loss you could easily avoid.

This is why you should compare companies offering Bangladesh money transfers, as you can really save money. For more on how you can avoid paying out when you don't have to, read our guide 7 top trade secrets to help you save when sending money abroad.