Why insure your Samsung phone?

Samsung's Galaxy range of phones are some of the most popular handsets in the world; the Samsung Galaxy S5 was one of the best-selling phones of 2014.

There's now also the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note, which offers a large screen plus the ability to scribble notes and doddle pictures.

Whether you've just splashed out on a new Samsung Galaxy S6, Note or Alpha, you might be worried about what happens if it's lost, damaged or stolen.

Smartphones aren't cheap, so buying a new one could be out of the question.

Shopping around for the right insurance policy (instead of just taking the one offered by the manufacturer or phone network) can save you money and give you peace of mind that you can take your Galaxy phone with you wherever you go.

Alternatives to insuring your Samsung Galaxy

Rather than taking out a policy to just insure your Samsung Galaxy phone, you could also get a gadget insurance policy to cover all your devices.

Adding your phone to your existing home contents insurance could also be cheaper, although it might not provide features tailored towards your phone.

Mobile phone insurance can also come packaged with some premium current accounts. Check that you're not already covered before buying a separate policy; more importantly, check that the cover is actually good enough and will pay out if you need it.

If none of the above options offer enough cover, you'll need a standalone phone insurance policy instead.

Find the right level of cover

Picking the best mobile phone insurance policy is about much more than just looking for the cheapest premiums.

Making sure your insurance will pay out if you need to claim is far more important - otherwise the policy is a waste of money and could leave you needing to pay for a new phone yourself.

As well as each company offering different protection, most will offer multiple levels of cover too. The premium you'll pay will increase with more situations covered and higher maximum payouts.

Consider which of the following features you need, then search for policies that include those without charging you more for features you don't want.

What does it cover?

First of all, check what each policy covers, as some won't include the following:

  • Losing the phone

  • If your Samsung Galaxy is stolen

  • If you accidentally damage you phone

  • Damage to your phone caused by water

  • The cost of unauthorised calls made if your phone is stolen

  • Using your phone abroad

  • If your phone goes wrong due to a fault, software error or wear and tear

You'll also need to check the maximum amount the policy will pay out if you need it - ideally it will be enough to cover a new phone if required.

What are the exclusions?

All mobile phone insurance policies also comes with some exclusions: situations where they won't pay out.

These might include straightforward exclusions like only covering phones less than a year old or not paying out for water damage or theft.

However, some can be sneakier, not covering phones left in cars or in your garage, or even refusing to cover thefts where you haven't been threatened with violence! Read the small print to avoid a policy that doesn't suit how you'll use your phone.

What's the excess?

If you claim on an insurance policy, you'll need to pay a set amount towards the costs yourself; this is the policy's excess.

A higher excess can often mean paying cheaper premiums, but don't get stuck with one you can't afford.

Decide how much you could contribute towards a new Samsung Galaxy yourself if you lose or break your phone and exclude any policies that charge an excess higher than this amount.

Choose the right Samsung insurance policy

Once you've worked out exactly what features you need, narrow down your options to only include policies that suit you and your Samsung phone.

Use our Samsung Galaxy insurance comparison to find several that suit. Get quotes from each of these insurers and pick the one that's cheapest.