Mobile phones have become far more than simply a means of getting in touch; they have an ever-expanding range of functions that can come in very useful if you are in a foreign country!

And of course, who would be without the ability to log onto Facebook or Twitter every five minutes...

Mobile phone travel insurance is therefore an absolute essential to make sure that even if the worst happens, you won't lose out financially.

Don't assume your phone is insured

If you think that getting phone insurance for holiday trips or other overseas getaways is unnecessary because you are already covered, you might need to check the small print.

Not many home insurance policies do indeed extend their cover to mobile phones whilst you are on holiday. Even if they do, the insurance may not include every possible eventuality and could restrict either the circumstances under which you can claim or the total cost.

For example, you might not be covered for any unauthorised calls made or the loss of any credit you had. And of course, there's the policy excess to take into account. Either way, you could be risking ending up significantly out of pocket.

In addition, it's worth considering the potential impact on the cost of your home insurance if you did need to make a claim. You might find that taking out separate overseas phone insurance ends up being the cheaper option in the long run.

Work out what you need

If you are a frequent traveller, taking out mobile phone holiday insurance every time you go overseas could work out not only more expensive, but also become an inconvenience.

Some types of holiday insurance phone cover last longer than others. Some policies are restricted to no more than 30 days whilst others extend to 90 days or more. Paying for a policy which offers extensive protection if you only plan on going on holiday once might mean you won't end up with the most competitive quote. On the flipside, it could work out cheaper if you think you will be overseas more often.

Getting the best price for phone insurance abroad

Once you work out what you want, to find the cheapest policies for mobile phone insurance abroad comparison tables are the quickest and most convenient way to check out the deals from different suppliers.

You really don't want to be without mobile phone insurance whilst abroad - you wouldn't dream of taking your laptop overseas without insurance would you? And after all, most smartphones have the same capability as a computer and in many cases, more!

Don't risk having to pay out hundreds of pounds to replace your phone or cover the costs of unauthorised calls; insure phones abroad to make sure your holiday doesn't end up costing you more than you bargained for.