If the thought of going without your mobile is a daunting prospect, taking out mobile insurance to cover the cost of a replacement should your phone get lost, stolen or damaged may make financial sense.

Here's how to compare mobile phone insurance cover, so that you can rest assured you'll quickly be able to get a replacement if something happens to yours.

Do you need mobile phone insurance?

Before you take out insurance for your mobile phone for theft, loss and damage be sure to check you don't have existing cover elsewhere!

If you have a pay-monthly packaged current account, you may find that it includes some mobile insurance, although you may need to register your handset, but this would save you from having to take out a new policy.

Equally, some extended home insurance policies will also cover your mobile phone, so check your cover before you start looking for separate insurance.

However, even if you find that you already have some cover, due to high insurance excesses or cover limitations, you may actually be better off taking out new cover from one of the many good mobile phone insurance companies that offer dedicated policies instead.

Carefully check your existing insurance policies to see if you're covered and to what extent.

If your cover isn't very comprehensive, you'd be charged a high excess, or you're worried about the impact of making a mobile claim on your premium then looking for separate cover is a good idea.

When it comes to looking for cheap mobile phone insurance compare the different options available carefully so that you make sure the additional cover you're paying for is worth the extra cost.

What level of cover do you want?

As with any type of insurance there are varying degrees of mobile insurance cover to choose from, with more comprehensive policies costing more than basic level protection.

The majority of policies offered by dedicated mobile phone insurance providers will offer protection against the theft of your phone as well as accidental damage.

However, if you want your cover to include protection against loss and the breakdown of your phone then you may need to choose a more comprehensive policy.

You will also need to establish how much cover your need by checking the cost of buying a replacement phone as even the best mobile phone insurance UK deals will set a maximum amount of cover.

Weigh up exactly what you are looking for and exclude the insurance deals that don't offer you the level of cover you want before you start looking for the best price.

You should also check that your phone model is covered by that provider or policy; e.g. if you need to compare iPhone insurance specifically. Even a policy that covers iPhones may not have been updated to protect the latest model yet, and a very basic policy may not give you the cover you need for your new handset.

Look for the best price

After deciding exactly what you need from your mobile phone insurance policy the final step is to find the cheapest quote for your desired level of cover.

You can use our cheapest mobile phone insurance comparison table to compare the different features offered by the various mobile phone insurers and to get quotes for your mobile.