What is life insurance for cancer survivors?

Life insurance for cancer survivors is no different to standard life insurance, it just tends to be more expensive and can be more difficult to find.

Like with standard life insurance, you pay a monthly direct debit or annual fee to maintain your policy and should the worst happen a lump sum is paid out to your loved ones.

Having survived cancer you will find that it's only after you receive your life insurance quote that your medical history will be checked, which can result in a more expensive policy and exclusions on the level of cover provided.

For further information on the different levels of cover offered you can read our guide How to Compare Life Insurance Policies.

What you need to know

When searching for quotes on life insurance for cancer survivors the process can be lengthy, but putting in the time at this stage can make the difference between finding the best policy for you or taking out a policy that doesn't really suit your needs.

If you choose to compare quotes online you will be offered a price based on your personal information, but not your medical history.

If you continue with an application for life insurance you will need to complete a medical questionnaire which will usually take 20-30 minutes.

This form is used to determine whether an insurance provider, or their underwriter, can offer you the life insurance you need.

You may be asked to provide further information from your doctor about your medical history. In this instance a consent form will either be sent out to you to complete or a version will be offered to download.

Speak to an expert before you apply

If possible, you should speak to an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) who specialises in life insurance.

IFA's usually take a commission or charge a fee when you take out a life insurance policy through them, but this cost can be outweighed by the support, guidance and product knowledge they can offer you.

If you apply directly by phone or in person you have the benefit of speaking to a specialist who will be able to offer you advice on life insurance, and talk you through the entire process from quotation to underwriter to finalised life insurance policy.

You will still need to provide information from your doctor on your medical history if it is required, but you will have a personal advisor to talk you through each step.

Comparing prices on life insurance for cancer survivors

You can search online and compare prices on several different life insurance providers, but the real comparison on price will come following the completion of a medical questionnaire.

Don't let the time needed to complete these forms put you off, as some insurance underwriters will have different levels of acceptance depending on your personal situation.

Take your time when shopping for the best policy for life insurance after cancer and you can find the cheapest policy available for the cover you need.

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