However, rental firms often slap quite a large excess on their vans which means if you have a prang - easy to do in an unfamiliar vehicle! - or it gets stolen, you could end up facing a large bill. However there is a way to avoid this: van hire insurance excess cover.

We take a closer look at what this includes and how to find the best van hire rental insurance whatever you are planning on doing.

Excess insurance: the basics

When you take out insurance for any reason, there's usually an excess. This is the amount that you have to pay yourself before the insurance starts to pay out. For cars and particularly larger vehicles such as vans, this excess can be fairly substantial.

Of course this means that if you have to claim on your insurance for your hire vehicle, you will still end up considerably out of pocket as you will have to pay the excess. Unless you have van rental insurance excess.

This cover works by protecting your excess; typically an excess of up to 2000 can be accommodated. You will still need the money to pay the excess yourself, but then you can immediately claim the money back. This means that if you opt to take out enough van excess insurance cover to protect the entire amount, any claims you make won't end up costing you a penny.

What to look for in an excess insurance policy

The simplest way to take out insurance excess waiver for van hire may well be when you collect the vehicle but this will also cost you more.

If you compare van hire excess insurance cover online, you will find that there's lots of companies offering the service but for a fraction of the price. It's easy to compare van hire excess insurance and come up with a good quote but don't forget to check what's included too.

Excess van hire cover policies will vary between providers so it's a good idea to make sure the protection you are taking out is as comprehensive as possible. Find out whether the tyres, windows, undercarriage and roof is included in the insurance; some rental firms will not cover damage to these areas. Daily van hire excess insurance booked online will typically be more comprehensive so you should be able to find a policy which includes damage to all of these.

It's also worth checking when the cover applies from. If you are looking for camper van excess insurance because you are going to be away, then you might not be too concerned if there is a minimum distance from home you must travel to be covered. Some providers offer 'no distance' protection which means that the same camper van excess insurance would cover you if anything occurred whilst it was parked up at your house. Depending on the relative cost, it may be something worth considering.

Motor insurance excess for vans can sometimes vary based on the size of your vehicle. For example, if you are driving a large motor home excess insurance cover could be much more expensive than if you are tootling around in a Transit van. Not all companies charge differently based on the size of your van however, so if you are in a bigger vehicle you might find it cheaper to find one of these.

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