What is public and employer's liability insurance?

You need to protect the health and safety of your employee's whilst they work as well as the legal costs associated with property damage and injuries caused by you or one of your

In the UK it's a legal requirement for all employers to have suitable employers liability insurance, while it's good practice to also have public liability cover if members of the public visit your business premises.

You can find liability insurance that offers you a large amount of cover for both public and employers liability, so you don't need to worry about looking for separate policies to find the cover you need for your business, which will save you money.

What you need to look for with Public & Employers Liability Insurance?

You need to work out how much cover you need to protect both aspects of your public and liability insurance.

There are guidelines on what is required by you as a business owner when setting up your liability insurance, for example, the cover provided for employer's liability needs to be a minimum of 5 million by law and these basic policies are often the cheapest employer liability insurance on offer.

To find out more, visit the HSE website for a brief guide for employers.

It is possible to find policies that offer much higher amounts of cover, and highly unlikely that you'll find a new policy offering you less than 5 million worth of cover.

If you have an existing policy for either public or employers liability then you will need to ensure that you do have at least the minimum requirement for employer's liability.

If you do not have enough cover you will need to consider the cost of paying out for any claim made against you, your business or your employees. The likelihood is that it could bankrupt you, so making sure you have the relevant cover is the most important factor in taking out liability insurance.

If you know how much cover you need then you are in a great place to start when searching and comparing the best public and employer's liability insurance to match your needs.

Do you need to buy Public & Employers Liability Insurance together?

Most public liability insurance will also offer employers liability cover within its policy and this can help you in the following ways:

  • Cost - By taking out public and employers liability insurance you could potentially save yourself money by finding the right cover needed for your business in one policy.

  • One insurer - Having to deal with one company, and one price, means keeping your administration to a minimum, and the benefit of contacting one company regardless of your public or employer liability concerns or claims.

Compare Public & Employers Liability Insurance quotes

If you have separate policies, call your providers to find out whether they in fact offer you cover for both. You may find that you already have sufficient cover under one policy, depending on your needs.

You can find out whether it's possible to save money by combining your public and employer's liability insurance by searching online and comparing prices and cover to match your needs.