What is business contents insurance?

Contents insurance for a business can protect you from losses if the physical things your business owns (other than buildings) are damaged, lost or stolen.

It can cover your stock as well as any tools, equipment, furnishings or electronic devices you use at your office. It won't usually include vehicles - you'll need to insure these separately.

It works in much the same way as your contents insurance for your home and can be taken out whether you work in an office, a shop, a pub, from home, or any other premises.

What to check

Don't just look for the cheapest business contents insurance you can find, as it's worthless if its terms and conditions mean it won't pay out if you claim. Look out for the following:

Each commercial contents insurance policy will specify a maximum amount that it can pay out. Make sure you pick one that would pay enough to cover the cost of everything you're insuring in case you need to claim.

There will also be an excess on each policy, which lets you know how much you'll need to pay each time you claim. So, if you claimed for belongings worth 5,000 on a policy with an excess of 300, your insurer would pay out 4,700 and you would have to pay the remaining 300.

Although accepting a higher excess can mean paying lower premiums, make sure you could afford to pay the excess amount you choose if you have to claim.

Finally, make sure there are no exclusions or restrictions that make the office contents insurance policy unsuitable. Some insurers may refuse to cover certain business types or particular business sites that they think are too risky.

Compare business content insurance policies

You can get a standalone business contents only insurance policy, but it's often cheaper to take out a wider business insurance policy that covers everything you need.

You can often get policies suited towards a particular type of business premises like a shop, office or surgery, so look out for those aimed at the type of building your business uses.

Work out how much your business' possessions and stock might cost to replace and only consider cover that will match this.

Use our business insurance comparison to find several suitable policies. Get a quote for your business from each, then choose the policy with the lowest premiums.

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