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Whether you want to spread the cost of your purchases, pay off debt or earn rewards when you spend, the right credit card can save you money.

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Types of credit cards

Purchase cards

0% purchase cards offer lengthy introductory interest-free periods, which means that you can charge purchases to your credit card and then pay off the cost in monthly payments. As long as you pay off the full balance before the end of the interest-free period, you won't pay any interest on your purchases.

Balance transfer cards

Balance transfer cards are useful if you want to pay off existing debt – especially as many of these credit cards come with lengthy interest-free periods. You can transfer the balance from one or more credit cards onto a balance transfer credit card, often in return for a small fee. Once the balance is on the new card, you can pay it off in monthly instalments.

Money transfer cards

Money transfer cards are similar to balance transfer cards. The only difference is that money transfer cards allow you to move money from your new card directly to your bank account. You can use the money you transfer to pay off your overdraft or loan, often over a long interest-free introductory period.

Credit building cards

Credit building cards are aimed at individuals with no previous experience of borrowing or those with poor credit histories. These cards usually come with high interest rates and low credit limits. But if you use them responsibly and pay off the balance at the end of each month, they will help you improve your credit rating.

Rewards cards

Many providers now offer different benefits and rewards to incentivise you to take out and use their credit cards. The rewards tend to vary from card to card, but some of the most common rewards offered include vouchers or in-store points and Air Miles. Some provide cashback every time you spend on the card.

Travel credit cards

These cards are aimed specifically at regular travellers. These are useful as they don't charge foreign transaction fees, so you can use them whenever you're travelling abroad. If you often find yourself in Europe or further afield, a travel credit card may be worth considering.

Credit card basics

Discover how credit cards work and which credit card is best for you with our comprehensive series of credit card guides.

a cluster of credit cards
22 October 2021

How to get your first credit card

Getting your first credit card is an important financial step, but knowing how to apply for a credit card can be tricky. This guide steers you through the process and helps you secure a useful resource in case of emergencies.

Get started

Tips & Tricks

Pay more than the minimum

If you can it's worth paying off more than the minimum amount on your credit card balance each month because it enables you to clear the balance more quickly and significantly reduces the amount of interest you pay. Double win!

Pay your balance in full every month

You can avoid paying any interest by paying off your card's full balance each month. If you manage to do this, you can enjoy any rewards or cashback you earn on your card without being charged interest on your spending.

Use balance transfers to pay off debt

If you already have a large balance on your card that you're paying interest on each month, it might be worth moving the debt to a 0% balance transfer card. Many have interest-free periods of 30 months or more. You can use this time to reduce or even eliminate the debt.

Never miss a payment

Missing payments is a big no-no when using a credit card. Your provider will hit you with a charge and add a black mark to your credit file, making it harder and more costly for you to borrow in the future. This is why it's important to make the minimum repayment every time it's due.

Don't apply for credit too often

If you are rejected after applying for a credit card, don't try to get another one straight away. Making several applications over a short period can make it seem that you're desperate for credit, which is a red flag for lenders. Wait at least six months before applying again.

Don't withdraw cash on your card

Using your credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM is extremely expensive. Card providers charges a fee each time along with daily interest that soon adds up. It also leaves a black mark on your credit record that could affect future credit applications. Triple misery.

Credit score 101

What is a credit record?

It is a record of your financial history, including details of when you have borrowed money and the repayments you have made. Here is what else it shows.

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stress woman

How does credit scoring work?

We take a look at who decides your credit score and what you can do about it.

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Black and red scoring gauge

How to improve your credit score

Here are some steps you can take to boost your chances of getting credit in the future.

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How to check your credit rating

It's important to regularly check your credit rating to stay on top of your finances.

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Your rights

shopping woman

Section 75: Your free credit card purchase protection

Did you know that when you spend money on your credit card you get extra consumer protection on your purchases? Find out more about Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act and how it can provide you with additional peace of mind.

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How to complain about financial services

If you are left out of pocket or are mistreated by your bank or insurer you may want to complain. Here is how to get your complaint heard.

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Debt rights explained

We look at what you need to know about your rights if you fall behind with debt payments and what creditors can do to get their money back.

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Do you have bad credit?

See which cards you'll be approved for ...

Features and insights

Find unique research and in-depth articles about credit cards and related personal finance topics that help you expand your knowledge.

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Credit card FAQs

About our credit cards comparison

Explore credit cards guides

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money credit limit

How do credit card limits work?

Here is everything you need to know about credit card limits.

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Which Credit Card Is Best For Me? - Choose a card

Choosing the right type of credit card could save you money in interest, earn you rewards or help you get accepted. Here is how to pick the right one and where to find it.

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How to get your first credit card

Here is how to prepare yourself for your first credit card application.

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