Wedding ring insurance

Wedding ring cover makes sure you don't need to panic if it goes missing.

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Last updated: 5 May, 2022

Why get wedding ring insurance?

Wedding and engagement rings are some of our most treasured possessions. They are often extremely expensive and sometimes they have great sentimental value, having been handed down from previous generations. Whatever the reason, losing or damaging your wedding ring can be emotionally stressful.

While wedding ring insurance can’t comfort you, it can at least compensate you for the loss of your treasured possession if the worst happens.

How to insure your wedding ring

Insuring your wedding ring on your big day is simple – most wedding insurance policies include wedding ring cover, so look in that direction if you’re planning your wedding.

When you’re comparing wedding insurance policies, it’s important to consider a few things:

  • how much your rings are worth

  • what else you want the policy to cover

  • whether your rings are already covered by another policy

Once the rings have been officially exchanged at the ceremony, you should be able to insure your wedding ring as part of your contents insurance

Does wedding insurance cover engagement rings?

Wedding insurance usually only covers rings exchanged at the wedding ceremony. If you also want to get cover for your engagement ring, consider adding it to your contents insurance.

How to find out how much your rings are worth

For heirloom rings, you’ll need a valuation. If you’ve just bought a ring, it’ll be worth what you paid for it, but that won’t always stay the same. Most experts recommend that your rings are professionally valued every few years, so you always know the current value of your jewellery.

When insuring your wedding and engagement rings, make sure they’re insured at their current market value. This is especially true if you’ve been married for a while, because the value of precious metals like gold and stones like diamonds can increase over time.

Does my home insurance cover my wedding ring?

It depends on how much your wedding and/or engagement rings are worth. Often insurance providers set a limit on what you can claim for a single item.

It's possible, particularly if they’re more valuable, that you may have to list your rings as a specific item on your contents insurance policy to make sure they're covered.

Many insurance providers also don't cover items that you regularly take outside your home as part of your contents insurance. Some may cover them as an optional add-on known as personal possession insurance, so check your policy documents to ensure you’ll be covered when you’re out and about.

Do you need another type of wedding insurance?