Why get wedding insurance?

There are many things that could happen that mean your wedding day has to be cancelled or rearranged.

For example, the venue could go out of business or a member of your wedding party or close relative could fall ill and be unable to attend.

Without insurance you could lose all of the money you spent on your wedding. You may have some protection if you paid by credit card, but this will not cover everything wedding insurance can.

Section 75 can protect any payments you make by credit card between 100 and 30,000, but it only covers certain scenarios, e.g. if your venue goes out of business.

You should also think about whether the peace of mind of knowing you are protected if anything went wrong is worth the cost of buying a policy.

What cover do you need?

Wedding insurance policies offer fixed amounts of protection, so work out how much your wedding costs by using a budget tool and then find a policy that gives you enough cover.

For example, if the total cost of your wedding is 20,000, get a policy that offers at least this amount of cover for cancellation or rearrangement.

The lower the cover limits offered, the cheaper the policy will cost. Most insurers offer several different policies, and each one has different cover limits, for example:

CoverBasic policyMid-level policyPremium policy
Failure of suppliers2,00015,00050,000
Wedding rings1,50010,00015,000

How much does it cost?

You could pay anything from 20 to 300 for a policy depending on the insurer and the level of cover you choose.

You pay for wedding insurance as one payment, and policies start from when the cover is taken out, and end once your wedding is over.

Most insurers let you take out a policy two years before your wedding, so you can get cover well in advance of your big day.