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Last updated: 5 October, 2020

Why do you need a van warranty?

It’s a legal requirement to have van insurance if you drive a van. But having a van warranty is another great way to protect your vehicle, although it’s not compulsory.

If your van breaks down, a van warranty can help you to cover the cost of mechanical repairs, which are often expensive. This can be helpful if your van breaks down or has a fault.

How to find the best extended van warranty

To help you find the right extended van warranty, think about what you want to cover and then compare quotes from different insurers.

The best policy isn’t necessarily the cheapest one. The best policy is the one that offers you the cover you need, for the best price.

Choose what to cover with your van warranty insurance

Most standard van warranty insurance policies cover the cost of repairing or replacing specific parts of your van.

These parts might include the:

  • engine

  • brakes

  • suspension

  • transmission

  • gearbox

  • battery

  • clutch

  • electrics

  • fuel.

There may be others too, such as steering and the cooling system.

Some policies can cover the cost of repairing damage resulting from general wear and tear. But this kind of cover is likely to cost you more and it doesn’t come as standard.

Most insurers offer different levels of cover. The more van warranty insurance cover you want, the more you’ll pay for it.

Decide what you want to cover then get quotes to find the best van warranty, UK wide, for you. Check the policy carefully to make sure you have all the cover you need.

Can I get extras on my used van warranty?

Yes, you can pay for extra cover which might help you out in a sticky situation.

For example, you could get breakdown cover added to your policy so you could get roadside assistance if your van broke down when you were out and about.

Or, you could get European cover, so you could still claim if your van broke down when you were abroad.

What might affect my eligibility for a van warranty?

When comparing van warranty insurance policies, there are a few things that are very important to check for. Depending on your vehicle, you might not be eligible for a used van warranty.

Age limit

Look carefully at the van warranty policy’s age limit. The age limit on your policy shows the maximum age your van can be to get cover. For example, if the age limit is 12 years, you won’t be able to get cover if your van’s older than this.

Mileage limit

You should also look closely at the mileage limits on the used van warranty. The mileage limit shows the maximum mileage your van can reach to still get cover. For example, the policy might only provide cover for your van until it’s done 60,000 miles.

MOT and service history

Some insurers will want to see that your van’s had a recent service. If your van is a little older, the insurer might want to see an MOT certificate too, to prove that it’s passed.

Check these limits and restrictions when you get van warranty quotes from different insurers.

Look out for exclusions

The van warranty insurance policy you choose may have exclusions as to what’s covered.

For example, your van won’t be covered if it has:

  • existing faults or damage

  • oil leak damage

  • been modified

  • unauthorised parts.

You also won’t be covered for:

  • damage to cosmetic features

  • entertainment systems

  • wear and tear (unless your policy specifies otherwise).

You should also be aware that you might not be covered for consequential loss. This is when a part of your van that’s covered by your van warranty has been damaged by another failing part that isn’t covered.

Another clause to look out for on your policy is betterment. Betterment is when you have to have a part replaced, but the new part is better than the original part. This is sometimes the only option, but you’re not always covered for this and you might find yourself having to pay extra.

To avoid any surprise bills if something goes wrong, check the van warranty policy exclusions when you get quotes. Only buy a policy if it gives you the cover you need.

Is there only one type of van warranty UK wide?

No. There are several types of warranty for vans.

A manufacturer’s van warranty is the type that you’ll get with a brand-new vehicle. How long it lasts depends on the manufacturer, model and any deal you might have got when you bought it. Sometimes, if you buy a used van directly from the manufacturer, you’ll still benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty. You can’t buy a manufacturer’s warranty though – it has to be provided by the manufacturer.

If you buy your van from a dealer or garage, you might get an independent dealer’s van warranty. These are usually short warranties which last just a few months.

An extended van warranty is the type of policy you take out yourself, to give your van extra cover.

What’s the difference between van insurance and a van warranty?

Although van insurance and a used van warranty are different, there is sometimes a bit of overlap. You should be aware that a van warranty is not a replacement for van insurance. Van insurance is a legal requirement, whereas a van warranty is something that is useful to have as it can save you money on repairs.

A van warranty covers you for repairs or replacements for parts that break. For example, it might pay for repairs to your engine or suspension.

Van insurance covers you for damage caused in an accident, malicious damage or theft. It also covers you for damage you cause to a third party vehicle.

Sometimes a fault with your car can cause you to have an accident. For example, your handbrake could fail, causing your car to roll into someone else’s vehicle. In this instance, the van warranty would pay for your handbrake to be fixed, but your insurance would pay for damage caused to the other vehicle.

How much will I pay for a van warranty, UK wide?

It can vary a lot. It’s usually based on three factors. These are:

  • Your age – young drivers are seen as riskier so you’ll pay more if you’re younger

  • Your van – the bigger it is, the more expensive the van warranty will be

  • Your usage – the more you use it, the more you’ll pay.

If I have a used van warranty, can I go to any garage and then claim?

Most insurers have a list of approved garages that you can go to. If you go to one that isn’t on the list, you might not be able to claim, and you might void your cover altogether. Check your van warranty insurance before you head to a garage.

How long does a van warranty last?

This depends on the van warranty you’ve chosen. You could get one for as little as three months. Or you could choose one that gives you five years of van warranty insurance cover.

Are there any alternatives to a van warranty UK drivers could have instead?

While a van breakdown policy might help you with recovery and small parts, it’ll never cover the cost of a major component that fails. They usually offer roadside repair so you can get home or to a garage.

One alternative is to save up some money each month in case the worst happens, but this requires discipline. You might also find that you haven’t saved up enough if a major component needs repairing or replacing.

Van warranties FAQs

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