Purchasing any second hand vehicle can be a little bit of a gamble; especially as you are unlikely to be protected by the manufacturer's warranty if something needs to be repaired.

However you can protect your finances from unexpected van repair costs by taking out a dedicated used van warranty.

Here's how to compare van warranty deals and find the cover you want for the lowest possible price.

What level of cover do you want?

As with most insurance policies the more you pay the more extensive the level of cover you'll get.

Most standard van warranty cover will pay for engine repairs should something go wrong, however if you want your van's suspension, brake system and wear and tear to also be covered you may need to pay for an extended warranty on vans deal.

Deciding on a level of cover is likely to be down to personal preference, and you will need to decide which policy gives you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Does your van qualify for a warranty?

Unfortunately not all vans will be eligible for a used van warranty.

All cheap van warranties will set an age limit and mileage limit on the vehicles they will cover, starting from as little as 4 years old and 60,000 miles, meaning you need to check which policies your van will qualify.

Exclude all the van warranty polices you van is too old or covered too many miles for so you ensure you are comparing polices that will accept your application.

Set an excess level

Deciding the excess you are willing to pay on your van warranty policy is likely to have a big impact on the type of policy you choose and the amount of money you pay for your cover.

Pick the highest excess you can comfortably afford to pay should you need to make a claim, so that claiming isn't too expensive but you keep the initial cost of your warranty down.

Compare quotes

Once you've decided what you need your warranty to cover and found suitable warranty policies that provide this, the final step of finding the best warranty cover for your van is to look for the cheapest price.

While price alone shouldn't dictate the van warranty policy you opt for, once you have a list of suitable deals it makes sense to get the cheapest warranty possible that gives you the cover you need.

You can use our used van warranty comparison table to get quotes from suitable van warranty providers so you get the cheapest warranty cover for your van possible and the confidence that it'll cover repair costs if something goes wrong.

Make sure you check the amount of cover the policy you plan to take out provides for labour, parts and repairs to ensure it's sufficient and that you can get work carried out at a garage that's convenient for you.

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