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If more than one person drives your van, a policy that covers any driver could save money. Compare quotes from companies that offer the insurance you need for vans with more than one driver.

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What is any-driver van insurance?

An any-driver policy is one that covers anyone while they are driving your vehicle with your permission. 

These policies can be ideal if your van is used for business, as any-driver insurance covers you and your driver colleagues under a single policy. You may also choose an any-driver van policy if you have a van that friends and family frequently use. This would allow more flexible, straightforward use than adding each person as a named driver on a standard policy. 

Any-driver van insurance can be expensive, so you need to weigh up if the flexibility is worth the extra cost, or whether you would be better off with standard van insurance supplemented by temporary, short-term cover when needed. 

What are the benefits of any-driver insurance?

If you have a van that lots of people need to drive there can be some big upsides. Any-driver insurance:

  • saves you adding named drivers to a regular vehicle insurance policy

  • means you don’t need lots of insurance policies for different people

  • is an efficient way to arrange insurance for multiple drivers

  • usually works out cheaper than having individual policies for each driver

What are the drawbacks of any-driver insurance?

The cost tends to be higher. 

Any-driver cover means the insurer doesn’t know who might be using your vehicle or anything about their experience or driving history, so they charge more to cover themselves.

What level of any-driver insurance can I get?

As with all car insurance, you can choose whether your policy offers cover that is:

  • fully comprehensive

  • third-party, fire and theft

  • third-party only

The level of cover is up to you. A fully comprehensive policy offers the greatest level of protection for you and your vehicle, but third-party cover is likely to be cheaper.

Who can get any-driver car insurance or van insurance?

Any-driver insurance is available as an extension of many regular policies, and insurers generally don’t restrict who can have it. It’s popular with van drivers and you can usually find any-driver insurance offered as part of your commercial or personal van policy.

Commercial van insurance sometimes includes it in policies for delivery companies or similar operations where a number of employees drive different vans. Personal van insurance may include it if you use your van for social and domestic use.

Here’s how commercial van insurance works

How many people can I add to my any-driver insurance?

Any-driver car insurance or van insurance means that anyone can drive your vehicle – there’s usually no limit on the number, but there might still be restrictions on who can drive. 

Are there any restrictions on any-driver van insurance?

There can be. Some policies ask you to list the names of the people who will be driving, although most don’t. Others might refuse to cover drivers under 25 years of age.

Be aware that any-driver van insurance covers one vehicle. If you need to cover several vehicles, look for multi-van insurance instead.

How to find business vehicle insurance any driver can use

Compare as many policies as possible to find those that offer the cover you need, and then compare those based on their price. Don’t forget to factor in any excesses, because a lower excess might make a slightly higher premium more attractive.

What additional cover can I get?

Once you’ve found van insurance that includes any-driver cover, make sure the rest of the policy offers what you need.

Every policy is different. They also have various extras, such as:

  • Tools you carry. With the right insurance, you could be covered if your tools are lost, stolen or damaged by fire or an accident

  • Goods you transport. If you run a delivery service, for example, you could cover the packages or goods you transport against damage or theft in transit

  • Trailers. If you attach a trailer to your van, you could protect this against damage, loss and theft

Work out what cover you need from your van insurance before you get quotes to ensure you’re comparing the right kind of policies for your needs.

You can find everything that van insurance covers here.

How much does any-driver insurance cost for a van?

The price of any-driver insurance can vary. It’s usually more expensive than a regular policy, but you’re paying for flexibility.

Factors that might affect the price of your any-driver van insurance include:

  • Your age. If you’re under 25, it’s likely you’ll have to pay more

  • Whether it’s for business or personal use. Any-driver van insurance for a business will be more expensive than for personal use because the van is likely to see a lot more use with different drivers

  • The size of your van. The bigger the vehicle, the more expensive the insurance. Lorries or large vans are likely to have higher premiums

  • Whether you’re transporting goods and/or machinery. If you’re transporting goods or machinery this will raise premiums, as they’re at risk of being damaged or stolen

What are the alternatives to any-driver van insurance?

There are a few alternatives to any-driver van insurance:

  • Adding named drivers: if you have a small number of potential drivers and your van has a regular driver while others use it only occasionally, this may be the most cost-effective option. Be aware that listing the wrong person as the main driver in an attempt to get a cheaper policy is called “fronting” and is illegal

  • Temporary insurance: if other people will only be driving your van for a short period, insuring them with a temporary policy may be cheaper than upgrading to an any-driver policy

  • Individual policies: while insuring everyone who drives your van with their own annual policy is likely to be more expensive, it might be viable depending on your circumstances

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