1 Day van insurance is ideal if you need to drive a van for just a brief period of time. We look at what is covered under van insurance for 1 day and how you can find the right policy.

What is 1 day van insurance?

If you need to insure a van for a day, perhaps to move properties, or help your children as they depart for university; 1 day van insurance could be the answer.

With instant cover available online it has never been easier to get the cheap short term cover you want when you need it.

What is covered?

Deciding on your 1 day van insurance can come down to whether you are eligible for it at all. Consider the following:

  • Minimum cover requirements The minimum level of cover you need when taking out 1 day van insurance is third party, however you can also get cover up to a comprehensive level. You can decide what suits you.

  • Value of your van The value of your van can't exceed the value of 45k as van insurers will not offer you cover.

  • You as a driver 1 Day van insurers offer different rules in regards to a minimum age. You can find policies that offer cover if you are at least 19 years old, while many others will specify a minimum age of 21. Most insurers will also ask that you have held a full UK driving licence for at least 12 months prior and that you have not received any more than 8 points on your driving licence.

  • How it compares to anytime van insuranceThe level of cover provided for 1 day van insurance and normal van insurance is identical. The cost will be vastly different due to the term of cover. Read our guide on Van Insurance Policy Features for further information on van insurance.

Similarly to normal van insurance, you can expect to pay less for your policy if you increase your excess, however, if you need to claim you could find yourself forking out much more.

Be sure to balance out your policy excess to reflect how much you can afford to pay should you need to make a claim.

What to look out for?

You may be unfamiliar with driving a van, or have a heavy load to carry, either way you need to know what can invalidate your policy.

You cannot take out 1 day van insurance for the following reasons:

  1. You intend to drive a rental van (specialist insurance will be needed)

  2. You have not been a UK resident for at least 12 months

  3. The total weight of your van and belongings exceeds 3.5 tonnes

  4. You cannot be over the age of 75 (specialist insurance will be needed)

Cover extension

If you need the cover extended over the 1 day, you can call up your van insurance provider and ask for an extension of cover.

All insurers who specialise in one day van insurance will allow you to take out a policy up to a maximum of 28 days at an extra cost.

Where can you travel?

It is possible to have automatic coverage when driving within countries that are members of the European Union, at no extra cost.

If you are choosing to travel throughout Europe you will need to consider whether 1 day van insurance will provide you with enough cover, or whether seeking a longer term insurance is more suitable for you.

Compare prices

When you are ready to take out 1 day van insurance you can search online and shop around to compare the best price available for the cover you need.

Make sure to get quotes from several insurers that offer the level of cover you need before picking the cheapest price.

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