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Ben Johnson

“I love working in a fast paced and friendly environment where we are always adapting and improving. It’s also a great feeling to know that I and every other employee can make a huge difference to the success of the business, it provides great satisfaction.”

Ben Johnson Lead Developer
James Outhwaite

“There are many benefits working at money.co.uk including 7-a-side football at lunchtimes, our very own gym and the annual trip abroad. We get great perks, a great office to work in and the people here are great too.”

James Outhwaite Data Developer
Ben U

“I love working at money.co.uk because I am trusted to manage my own workload and make decisions that really make a difference to the structure of the site and the future of our business. Being empowered allows me to prioritise the tasks I know will make the biggest difference.”

Ben Ullmer SEO Executive
Stacey Budd

"I love our location; the Castle is such an inspiring place to work. I love walks in the countryside, playing sport at the leisure centre, and Friday pub lunches. But the best thing about money.co.uk is the people. It’s great working in a place where you’re completely free to be yourself."

Stacey Budd Financial Content Writer
Katie Maundrell

“Everything about money.co.uk is unique and special. From our spectacular offices, to the people who work here, it’s all exciting, inclusive and fun. We all work so hard because of the freedom and rewards we’re given, it’s unlike anywhere else.”

Katie Maundrell Digital PR Executive

Laurence-Llewelyn Bowen

Designer – LLB

Is this the first office you’ve ever designed?

Yes it is. I’m very interested in offices - working environments should be as comfortable and as nurturing as possible. People face so many challenges at work – the office should be a soothing place. You should run a business like it’s a family, as Chris Morling does – you should treat your team like they are your children and give them the same amount of attention and encouragement like you would your own offspring. Leadership is very much about nurturing rather than confrontation.

The very first conversation I had with Chris was about creating an environment that was fun to be in. He wanted to create a place staff wanted to be – where his team didn’t feel they could only be themselves at the weekends and provide fabulous jobs for original thinkers. This project was about giving the team a much better way of living, engaging how they work with how they live and actually celebrating the fact we spend more of our lives working than at home.

How did you approach this project?

Something big and bouncy and brave needed to happen to an unusual building. It needed someone like Chris to not feel it should be understated. There is an intense sense of nostalgia that comes with being based in the Cotswolds – the perception is that somehow all the buildings are made of fudge. This building needed a rejuvenation, it had no sense of presence and zero sense of future. The designs had to encapsulate contemporary design and the fact we were in a gothic environment and I really liked the way Chris had a tremendous sense of colour confidence.

There are lots of very faddish, whimsical, patronising designs that happen to offices which I wanted to avoid. I wanted to make sure the relationship of my designs worked with the culture of the company and with the style and age of the building itself. The Castle isn’t a very serious building and it took my jazz hands approach to gothic incredibly well. I’ve really enjoyed bringing a sense of identity back to the inside of the building.

Why do you love living in Cirencester?

The Cotswolds is ideally placed and you don’t have to sell frilly aprons and tea towels to be a success here. Cirencester is reaching a level of sophistication that’s comparable to London, it’s unbelievably boutique. You get the best of both worlds here.

What’s your favourite part of the Castle?

Something I’m most proud of is what we’ve done with the staircase – it’s an incredibly sympathetic big commitment to the building and English Heritage were very pleased with what we did with it.

I also love the reception area. The moment you have to surrender yourself to work, when you turn the door handle on a Monday morning, can be an abrupt experience. I’ve tried to make that transition as seductive and gentle as possible with live plants and bird song. I wanted it to be a soothing experience coming into the office, taking the staff gently by the hand into work - it’s one of the most powerful things we’ve done here.


Chris Morling

Founder & Managing Director - money.co.uk

What was your motivation behind this project?

Looking after your team is paramount. Your team is your engine so it’s really important I look after them and give them the best of everything. That stretches from benefits right through to the actual working environment. If you get that right you have a strong motivated team to drive you forward. You spend half your working life in the office and I wanted to create a motivating, uplifting environment which gave them flexibility and encouraged collaboration.

Has the office changed the company culture?

The changes haven’t changed our culture because that’s created by the team themselves – the personalities and the characters of the staff and that was already really good before the refurb. What the castle has done is added an extra level of motivation, satisfaction and uplift. The collaborative spaces mean the team see more of each other and helps with sharing ideas and we talk more to each other.

Why a castle?

Well, believe it or not the Castle is a really cost effective choice if you compare it to 10,000 square foot of space in London.

Was this project part of your mission to be the best place to work in the UK?

This project is not at the core of my mission to create the best place to work – it’s simply the icing on the cake. This hasn’t been about ploughing money into something to win awards – an amazing physical environment is just a small piece of the jigsaw. When employees truly believe they are valued and their opinions count they feel empowered and productivity becomes limitless.


Egle Bareikyte

Designer - Interaction

What’s so different about this project?

It’s not everyday you get to work on transforming a Castle! We knew this project was going to be special as Chris Morling had a clear vision to reward staff with the ultimate workplace. Getting the team’s input was important, and we enjoyed having the freedom to conceive innovative designs to give the team the tools to work effectively.

What were the biggest challenges?

We had to be conscious and considerate to nurture the listed building. We were excited to work with and accentuate several original features of the building, such as the windows, archways and some original doors - these have become real statement features which reminds you of the rich history of The Castle. The building continuously revealed new and hidden secrets that kept us on our feet and provided us with unique design challenges. The damp was severe - by the time we were finished we had practically re-built The Castle.

What is the most unusual room from a design perspective?

The ice room was built offsite in a workshop and then delivered in 5 separate pieces. It’s a fully self supporting room. It really has the wow factor and has to be seen to be believed.

How does the design help collaboration?

We carefully considered every element in the design process in order to create a space that will encourage collaboration and improve wellbeing. Creating a central breakout area was important to allow for impromptu social interactions and provides a great setting to share ideas. Additionally a multitude of flexible and adaptable workspaces were designed to give the team the freedom of choice; to work how they want.



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  • Top 6 benefits when you work with us
  • Regular social events (all expenses paid)
  • Onsite cinema
  • 3 days a year to volunteer
  • Onsite gym and weekly football, basketball & squash clubs
  • Free breakfast, proper coffee and Beer Fridays
  • A week a year to use for your personal development

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