It is the one that pays you the highest interest rate, as each Help to Buy ISA works in exactly the same way.

You can change the order of our table to show the highest interest rates at the top to help you compare the best accounts easily.

How do Help to Buy ISAs work?

It helps you save for a mortgage if you are a first time buyer by adding a 25% bonus on top of your savings.

The main benefits of the Help to Buy ISA are:

  • No minimum monthly payment

  • Qualify for a bonus of between 400 and 3,000

  • Tax free interest on your savings

You can open an account with up to 1,200, and save up to 200 a month afterwards.

How do you open a Help to Buy ISA?

You can complete an application form either in branch or online, depending on the bank or building society you choose to open your Help to Buy ISA with.

You will need:

  • Your National Insurance number

  • An initial deposit up to 1,200

  • Proof of name and address, e.g. driving licence, utility bill

What is the most you can save in a Help to Buy ISA?

The most you can pay in is 12,000, which will give you a government contribution of 3,000.

There is no lower limit you have to save, but you do need at least 1,600 in total to qualify for the lowest government contribution of 400.

Help to Buy ISA FAQs


How many Help to Buy ISAs can I have?


You can only pay into one during each tax year.


Can I open a Help to Buy ISA and another cash ISA?


No, you can only pay into one cash ISA in each tax year. Some banks and building societies offer an exception to this rule, find out more here.


Can I get a stocks and shares or peer to peer Help to Buy ISA?


No, the Help to Buy ISA is only available as a cash ISA.


Can I earn the bonus on more than one Help to Buy ISA?


No, you only qualify for the bonus on one Help to Buy ISA. If you and a partner save in separate Help to Buy ISAs, you can both qualify for the bonus.


Can I withdraw my cash from a Help to Buy ISA?


Yes, but you are still restricted to only paying 200 a month into the account.


Will I lose the bonus if my house purchase falls through?


No, and you can re-open your Help to Buy ISA after your solicitor or conveyancer gives you a purchase failure notification letter.

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