Hannah Maundrell, Editor in Chief at money.co.uk comments

"TalkTalk customers should brace themselves for eye watering price hikes of up to 50% from the 1st of October. This isn't the first time TalkTalk has hit customer with increases; in fact, over the last year alone they have increased the cost of their flagship product by 114%.

"The quicker you can act, the better as the exit penalty is also going to rise by 29% from 10.50 to 13.52 - a final sting in the tail for customer that decide to jump ship for a better deal. Customers have 30 days to switch and escape the hike penalty free - if they don't they'll find themselves locked in at the higher price until the end of their contract.

"The timing around this hike ties in with competitor activity as several other suppliers have also increased prices of late. However, from a wholesale line rental perspective suppliers have not incurred any additional costs so these impromptu hikes seem really unfair."