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  • As Storm Brendan prepares to hit the UK, money.co.uk comments on how to claim on insurance should the worst happen.

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money.co.uk comment: Storm Brendan insurance claims

As Storm Brendan prepares to hit the UK, money.co.uk comments on how to claim on insurance should the worst happen.

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Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at money.co.uk, said: "Now's the time to batten down the hatches and get all your outside furniture in to avoid it blowing away or it being damaged by the wind.

"If your home does get hit by storm damage speak to your insurer straight away, as they may need you to take emergency steps to minimise the devastation, until they can process your claim and sort proper repairs. Take photos of the damage and note down the time it took place so the insurer can tally this up with weather reports. When you make your claim, submit 'before' photos if you have them proving the state of your property before Brendan hit!

"It's the buildings insurance part of your policy that will pay out so if you're a homeowner that's got contents-only cover you could be left footing the bill. If you're a tenant speak to your landlord who will need to make a claim on their insurance or cover the cost.

"Chances are you won't get much back if your garden or shed has been obliterated. Most home insurance policies offer little in the way of cover for property outside your home although it's always worth checking. Of course, if a tree from your neighbour's garden has fallen into yours you may be able to make a liability claim via their insurance. Check out our guide on how to claim on your home insurance policy.

"There's also a good chance that Brendan will cause disruption to transport networks. If bad weather means your train is cancelled make sure you get a full refund. If it's delayed by more than 15 minutes you could claim compensation too so make sure you submit a claim. Thanks to the Delay Repay scheme most train companies will compensate you even if bad weather is to blame. Check out our guide on how to get a refund on train tickets."


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