The scheme helps secondary school students understand how their skills could map onto future careers and shows them what they need to do to get their dream job.

Young Enterprise does valuable work with young people across the UK to ready them for the world of work.

We are pleased to support the Learn to Earn programme, which helps students to start thinking about their futures and consider what sort of lifestyle and career they would like to work towards.

Source: Chris Morling

I'm delighted that have come on board as a supporter of our Learn to Earn programme.

I look forward to working with Chris Morling and his team as we increase the number of programme days we are able to offer in schools across the UK.

Source: Michael Mercieca Chief Executive of Young Enterprise

Chris also invests heavily in training for the team at and has supported young people through work placements and apprenticeships in the past.

He wanted to find a good cause that encourages young people to take control of their futures early and believe in what they can bring to the workplace.