Barclaycard is now offering 20 cashback to customers who transfer at least 2,500 onto either its 'Barclaycard Platinum Balance Transfer 18 Month (No Fee) Card', or their 'Barclaycard Platinum Balance Transfer (28mth) Card'.

Sainsbury's Bank has launched a new card with the longest interest-free period currently available on dual Balance Transfer and Purchases cards. The new 'Dual 27 Credit Card' offers 27 months at 0% interest, five months longer than Sainsbury's previous dual card.

Sainsbury's Bank has also introduced the new Low Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card offering a Balance Transfer fee of 0.62%, down from its old 1% fee product.

Commenting on the new offer Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at, said: "The Balance Transfer market is becoming more and more competitive as lenders look to attract new customers looking to move their debts around following the excesses of the festive season.

"0% balance transfer credit cards are a great way to avoid paying interest on debts, as long as you can afford the monthly repayments. While using 0% interest balance transfer cards can provide invaluable breathing space for those seeking to clear their debt, they do require careful management."

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