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money.co.uk comment: Advice on shopping around to get the best savings as Marcus drops its rate

As the headline grabbing interest rate from Marcus is cut, money.co.uk advises on the best interest rates for savers.
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Tola Fisher, personal finance expert at money.co.uk, comments:

The Marcus account was a real headline grabber when it launched 12 months ago. At the time, an interest rate of 1.5% on an easy access savings account hadn't been seen for more than two years.

A year on and good things, unfortunately, always come to an end, as Goldman Sachs cut its table topping rate to 1.45%.

For existing savers, who invested at the very start, it was a double whammy, as tomorrow (Friday 27 September) this rate will drop again to 1.35% as the 12-month introductory rate comes to an end.

Both rates still match up favourably with the top easy access accounts currently on the market, but they are not the best by any stretch.

Al-Rayan's 'Everyday Saver' account now owns that accolade, paying an expected profit rate of 1.6%, while Cynergy is offering a comparable to Marcus' 1.45% on its online easy access account.

Easy access savings rates are historically very low at the moment, and we would encourage savers to regularly check to see if there are better rates available elsewhere.

Check out savings comparison websites such as money.co.uk for the top interest paying easy access accounts. New products are being offered all the time to attract customers, and you are not obligated to keep your money in an account that is no longer paying a market leading rate.

If you're looking for better returns on your money, you will probably need to look beyond easy access accounts. Consider a notice savings account or a fixed rate bond, but be aware you won't have immediate access to your money.

If you're happy to tie your money up for at least five years, then you could look at investing in the stock market through a stocks and shares ISA.

The rewards are potentially much greater than leaving your money in a savings account, but you will be exposed to some risk.

It's also worth comparing what interest rates current accounts, such as Santander, TSB and HSBC are offering, as they can go up to 5%. Bear in mind there will be restrictions and monthly requirements attached to these such as regularly paying in money each month.


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