will be supporting Young Enterprise's Learn to Earn programme, which encourages secondary school students to think about their futures, taking into account their skills and interests and how these will apply to them post-education.

Young Enterprise does incredibly valuable work with young people across the UK to help ready them for the world of work.

We're proud to support the Learn to Earn programme which is a fantastic initiative, empowering young people with the training, guidance and information they are going to need to make smart choices about their future.

Source: Chris Morling, managing director of

The support will enable Young Enterprise to reach more than 4,000 young people with this key intervention programme.

I'm delighted that have come on board as a supporter of our Learn to Earn programme.

Participants begin the programme with a set idea of what they think they can achieve and the sort of lifestyle they expect to have when they enter the world of work, and finish with improved confidence around their own abilities, and a more realistic view of the world of work.

I look forward to working with Chris Morling and his team in the next few months as we increase the number of programme days we are able to offer in schools across the UK.

Source: Michael Mercieca, chief executive of Young Enterprise