Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at, comments:

"Heathrow Airport has said that it will work hard to stay open if planned drone disruption goes ahead tomorrow.

"But there is a chance that passengers could be facing another day of flight delays and cancellations but, unlike the BA pilot strike, customers won't be able to claim extra compensation from their airline because a drone disruption is classed as an 'extraordinary circumstance'.

"This means the drone disruption is beyond the airline's control and they are therefore not required to offer a full refund.

"However, airlines still have a duty of care under EU regulations to look after their customers if their flight is delayed or cancelled.

"If your flight is delayed, the airline has to make sure your wait is comfortable. A delay of over two hours, and you are entitled to free phone calls, meals and refreshments and a free hotel if an overnight stay is required.

"If the flight is delayed by more than five hours, passengers have the same rights they would have if the flight was cancelled, which means a refund or an alternative flight.

"The airline has a responsibility to get any of its customers with tickets to their destination. If their flight is cancelled, that could mean seating them on the next available flight or transporting them to another airport, unless they choose to take the refund."

Could I claim compensation through my travel insurance?

"If you have travel insurance, it's worth checking the terms and conditions of your policy, as you might find you are covered for 'disruption'.

"'Disruption' is generally not part of the standard cover on many policies, and you might find that you had to tick a box when you were applying.

"At the very least, your insurance might cover you for extra travel costs such as accommodation or car hire, head over to our guide to better understand your rights if your flight is delayed."