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Brand-a-Lust Report Reveals the UK's Most Searched for Brands

Bored Brits in lockdown have been pining for their favourite brands more than ever before, a new report by the personal finance experts at money.co.uk has revealed.
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The new Brand-a-Lust Report takes 375 of the UK’s top brands from YouGov’s Consumer Popularity Ratings* and applies Google Trends** and Google Search Volume*** data, to reveal the UK most lusted-after brands during lockdown. 

Updated 16 June 2020
Lockdown Lust ListLosers of Lockdown
1. Pimms: +1,700%1. Remy Martin: -100%
2. KFC: +527%2. Typhoo: -100%
3. Fanta: +326%3. Thorntons: -93%
4. Furniture Village: +307% 4. Gillette: -64%
5. Matalan: +257% 5. Berghaus: -55%
6. Guerlain: +223% 6. Piaget: -51%
7. Yeo Valley: +223% 7. Bella Italia: -44%
8. Nivea: +132% 8. Loaf: -30%

The nation’s love of luxury hasn’t been lost during lockdown, luxury brand Guerlain saw brand searches soar by 223% and the other 48 luxury labels in the category saw a 41% increase overall.  

Despite the nation living under lockdown restrictions, a third (29%) report spending more than usual on clothes****. Top UK clothing brands experienced 83% more searches, with Matalan topping the category at 257%. 

Food has been a source of comfort for many in lockdown, with searches for KFC soaring by +527%, making it the brand the nation has been pining for the most. On average, the 46 food brands in the study saw searches increase by over 87%.   

The UK’s desire for snacks has increased during lockdown, with searches for the top 10 brands increasing by 150% on average. The top scoring snack brands include Cornetto ice creams, Nature Valley granola bars and Babybel cheese. 

Retro brands have made a lockdown comeback, with Babycham, Hooch and WKD amongst the most searched drinks, experiencing three times as many searches (217%) than before shutdown. The top tipple was Pimm’s with 1,700% more searches as the summer sunshine reached UK shores.

With many more shops opening this week, the temptation may be there to head out a splurge on the brands we have been longing after. However, as money.co.uk’s personal finance expert Salman Haqqi, explained: “With non-essential shops slowly beginning to reopen their doors to the general public, it might be tempting to head out and splash the cash on some of our favourite brands to celebrate. However it’s worth making sure that you are getting the best deal possible and sticking to a budget, no matter how enticing the prices may look.

“The novelty of visiting a bricks and mortar store is appealing, but it’s likely that better deals and lower prices can still be found online. Try visiting the virtual high street first to do your research, before you head out onto the physical high street; especially if you’re using a credit card to fund your purchases.”
Find the full Money.co.uk Brand-a-Lust Report here: https://www.money.co.uk/guides/top-lockdown-brands-uk

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YouGov Polls Referenced


All data correct as of 11th June 2020


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