Reports estimate that APD abolition will cost the treasury 40 million in 2015-16 and 80 million in 2016-171. Much of this should end up back in consumers' pockets if everyone affected gets their money back.

This reclaim process is not standardised and varies across every travel company. To help consumers navigate this maze, at we've compiled a guide to help people get their cash back from their individual provider.

Hannah Maundrell, Editor in Chief of, urges parents to make sure they get a refund:

"As airlines breathe a sigh of relief having just completed the first batch of refunds, they now have to start the whole process all over again.

"This would be a straightforward process if all refunds were automatic. Sadly, some travel companies are asking people to 'apply' for a refund. This could lead to people being left in APD limbo as one in three parents claimed they would not apply for a refund. Just to add further complexity, parents that booked package deals will have to go back to the tour operator to make a claim, not the airline.

"On a brighter note, this will save a family of four with two kids 26 on a flight to Europe and 142 on a flight to the USA. Every penny counts when you're bringing up a family so please do not leave this money with your airline. Do what it takes to get the cash back and put it back into your holiday spending pot."

Research2 carried out amongst passengers flying with children revealed:

  • Over a third of parents (34%) 'could not be bothered' to apply for an APD refund.

  • Parents that would apply for a refund would only do so for an average of 28.

  • A short haul flight to Europe costs flyers 13 in APD. Just 37% would apply for a refund of 13 or less.

  • More than half of parents (58%) with children think the airlines should automatically refund APD charged on flights.

Some travel companies have implemented a more proactive approach to the refund process such as:

  • EasyJet

  • First Choice

  • Monarch

  • Thomas Cook

  • Thomson

This makes the charging structure less of an issue for consumers. However, some are asking people to fill out forms to request a refund. For full details of how it works for each provider please see our guide.

Notes to Editors:
1. These figures are set out in Table 2.1 of Autumn Statement 2014 and have been certified by the Office for Budget Responsibility.
2. Research was carried out amongst 1,000 parents with children that fly by OnePoll on behalf of from the 17th - 20th April 2015.